7 Years Late is Better than Never. - Nvidia GPU Passthrough 

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For years, Nvidia has tried to artificially block GPU passthrough on GeForce cards, but now they’ve finally made a 180. Could this be the start of a new Nvidia?
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Apr 25, 2021




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Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips 23 days ago
Get 20% OFF + Free Shipping @manscaped with code TECH at manscaped.com/TECH
TH3TI3MAN 13 days ago
I didn't know Nvidia updated the A5000 to have those specs. 1:25 Does anyone know when the similarly updated A6000 will come out and what specs it'll have?
JoseitoEdlVodao 21 day ago
TF how you make this nitpicky ultra-niche content get so many views man?
Flavio Giovannini
2 day of asking linus to 3d print a mouse
Sam Miller
Sam Miller 21 day ago
isn't there a rule for code 43?
FunStage 21 day ago
Linuuus 1050 is slow as helll and 200$ gpus cost 500 😢 help
AlternativeFacts 23 hours ago
But will they ever open source the drivers?
Mr L
Mr L Day ago
Anyone talking about how the pc behind him has a amd and Nvidia gpu
Vision GT
Vision GT 3 days ago
Short on time? 9:10 is the point of this video. Thank me later for saving your time.
Nicholas Coles
Nicholas Coles 6 days ago
When everyother add is linus and james on the honey advertisment and you finally add honey to your browser only to realize the computer im typing this on couldve cost me so much less lol .-.
mz tech
mz tech 8 days ago
I didn't knew that Now i want to say 'Nvidia, fuck you hard'
Freez 9 days ago
07:34 ;))) I thought you were using Windows XP
Freez 9 days ago
08:08 What the fuck?!
Pole Tooke
Pole Tooke 9 days ago
Nvidia turning a new leaf? Lol. Hopeful.
dread696969 10 days ago
I thought it was the coolest thing ever back when I started doing triplescreen with a 4870 and an 8800GTX. Vista played well with the drivers and SoftTH. Hope I don't get deleted for posting this link. I got i9 9900K now and a 3080 Strix after many F5 clicks... I sure do love computers, and nerd section of YT.. us-first.info/player/video/gbiqhH58g6OiZ6c.html
Lee Sweeney
Lee Sweeney 11 days ago
So just like the mining limiter?
Maykil107 12 days ago
that looks really cool
Reece Scott
Reece Scott 12 days ago
You don't need two GPUs to do this you need 1 GPU and software. Nvidia has software and it's closed making it very sketchy to Linux users Nvidia likes windows because its closed. Closed software has the potential to implement with similar technologies that could communicate with Intel's backdoor. What happens when nvidia recognises the growth of gnu/linux? They finally 'decide', when its more of a plan, to create more propietary software for it. And this is after they open source non vital software. Making it all too farfetched for me to trust the proprietary drivers even inside a VM. I think its more of a plan then anything. I also believe that true Linux users aren't as stupid as people think and aren't going to fall for such a simple trap
PiousMinion 12 days ago
nVidia has burned the linux bridge. It will take a LOT more than that to sway users/
iamdarkyoshi 12 days ago
Linus you're implying I can locate and afford two GPUs
TH3TI3MAN 13 days ago
I didn't know Nvidia updated the A5000 to have those specs. 1:25 Does anyone know when the similarly updated A6000 will come out and what specs it'll have?
Potato Avacadonion
Potato Avacadonion 13 days ago
I am still wondering why team red and team green are sitting on the same board
Steve Rand
Steve Rand 13 days ago
Mannn these old references are trippy! I had completely forgotten about running Connectix on my PowerPC 75!
kuya XAI
kuya XAI 13 days ago
boss if you have a processor that you're not using please give it to me.. i really want to have a mid gaming pc but i dont have money. i hope you see my comment , love from philippines
v1m30 14 days ago
VitGerivaz 14 days ago
Anthony's wallpaper @ 6:30 once again shows patrician taste.
Faculieties Bogman
Faculieties Bogman 14 days ago
i wont be surprised if linus plugs his shop and sponsors to his family
echofff 15 days ago
Is that means Nvidia is going to support Wayland with GBM?
Knaeckebrotsaege 16 days ago
This code 43 problem is what stopped me from using a GTX 960 as an eGPU via expresscard (and later M.2) on my laptop for ages, unless I used ancient modded drivers (in later ones, the bypass was "fixed" by nvidia so those drivers didn't work at all). Sooo I just ditched nvidia and got a used RX470 which worked out of the box and didn't have any of those r*tarded restrictions. [insert linus torvalds flipping off nvidia here]
KrazzyKlown 17 days ago
I cant look at you the same after being shown leaked photos from your onlyfans. I . . I cant watch this..
Kaustubh Singh
Kaustubh Singh 17 days ago
Hi pls give me one PC Thank you 🙏🏻☺️😊
The Real Bagface
The Real Bagface 17 days ago
Linus knows not a fucking thing. VMs have been flawless on Nvidia for.....um...ever.... Lying bought out Canadian punk.
jordman2001 18 days ago
4:28-4:55 G-sync, that is why.
Scott Prazak
Scott Prazak 18 days ago
I don't like your sponsor.
thomas thompson sunshinescopes
Anthony is a legend
KineticBongos 18 days ago
We got SomeOrdinaryGamers in an LTT video. We GOT’EM bois
ViralBox 18 days ago
y do i never had code 43? i am passing through to qemu64.
forsmarc 18 days ago
Was Anthony sick the day this video was set to be recorded?
Fms 18 days ago
What about the chiller?
wardope 18 days ago
so basically you can run a mining rig on your pc and at the same time run it on a VM and basically get double Hashing power. as long as the Graphic card has enough Vram? I'm going to test this! because theoretically, you would be able to do 100Mhs on an RTX 3060.
Gio Manangan
Gio Manangan 18 days ago
Linus im a fan from ph if you have a spare gpu can you give it to me because the price of a gpu in ph is insanely high
Oleg Nykolyn
Oleg Nykolyn 18 days ago
Wow! I've been updating QEMU setup yesterday and got surprised that Nvidia driver didn't break...and here's the reason, this is simply amazing ^__^
Barra Radiansyah
Barra Radiansyah 18 days ago
I understand not a single sentence in this video
Blyaticon 18 days ago
The methods used to play R6 are a little hard to get working properly, but they work at least. But yeah it's a pain in the ass
Young Leo
Young Leo 19 days ago
the comparison at 1:30 should be 3090 vs quadro A6000 (instead of A5000)
Beefsticks Wellington
Ah Nvidia, a history of BS. Makes me appreciate AMD a bit more...
Abilon 19 days ago
i love the colour pallet of the ltt vids
Jeff Sadowski
Jeff Sadowski 19 days ago
Loving pci pass through :-)
Always Skeptical
Always Skeptical 19 days ago
Water bottle box on fleek linus, apple esq props
T3zlaGM 19 days ago
seeing muta here made me smile
Anna Joan
Anna Joan 19 days ago
Mrs Jane is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy
johnb johnb
johnb johnb 18 days ago
Patricia Richard
Patricia Richard 19 days ago
How much exactly does she make of you in every trade
John Roger
John Roger 19 days ago
Wow I can brag about this... Mrs Jane has managed my account in such a way wining is the only standard I know
Mark Robert
Mark Robert 19 days ago
Trade with her and remember to share testimonies with others
Mark Robert
Mark Robert 19 days ago
Mrs Jane has brought me out of the wrenches and to a better living through trading options, I encourage newbies to trade with her
Lukas RC FPV
Lukas RC FPV 19 days ago
Still waiting for your PC Build Video for Music Production
Mi Ceo
Mi Ceo 19 days ago
HI Linus Tech Tips, I thought this was was gonna be about DX12 multigpu with different gpus working together :)
SUPERTECH 09 19 days ago
How do you make your intro
D 20 days ago
Better late than never is a great dystopian culture slogan.
World Theory
World Theory 20 days ago
"Is Nvidia turning over a new leaf?" I'm still waiting for open source Nvidia drivers. In my opinion, only having closed source drivers provided, is like a subtle form of planned obsolescence. Because new developments happen in Linux that require the updates to the driver. But Nvidia doesn't keep updating their drivers forever. So when they stop, Nvidia cards slowly become more incompatible with newer versions of linux. But as we can see with AMD's open source drivers for Linux, the community can make updates to the drivers when AMD drops support, keeping old cards functional in new OS versions. AMD GPUs age like fine wine in Linux. Nvidia GPUs age like milk. I suppose the reverse engineered, open source Nvidia drivers by the community are like powdered milk in this analogy. It takes work to give milk a longer shelf life, but the result is unappealing compared to the fresh milk, and it's just bad compared to well aged wine. But AMD make their Linux drivers open source despite the potential lost profits of people being able to continue using their old GPUs, and the fact that their competitors can look over their drivers for things to steal. The only problem I have with AMD drivers, is that they have a reputation for being pretty bad when a new corresponding GPU is released. It takes a while for them to get good.
Droid V
Droid V 20 days ago
A Noctua themed PC would be cool. Like using the light and dark brown colors on the case, PSU cables and stuff like that. With A LOT of classic brown Noctua fans oc.
Michael Barnard
Michael Barnard 20 days ago
I started watching this video expecting an obligatory "Linus Torvalds flipping the bird to Nvidia" scene. Was not dissapointed!
Arno nümuss
Arno nümuss 20 days ago
So I should use a amd and nvidia gpu, while I can't buy either. Brilliant.
Strange Sounds Silesia
I wish you a happy life.
Blue_Ducky 20 days ago
GPU pass through is also great if your a cross-platform developer, and especially if you're dealing with graphics-related software. Being able to test how different graphics drivers from both AMD/Nvidia on different OS's behave with your code is crucial, especially if you are dealing with a bug report from someone with a different system configuration than your own host. Unsurprisingly, Nvidia's Linux drivers causes a lot of issues, so this allows me to test them without having to run Nvidia on my main Linux host. The Error 43 workarounds have worked pretty smoothly for me, but it's nice to finally see it being supported as an official feature.
Some One
Some One 20 days ago
The sound doesnt fit the Environment linus is in. I think a little reverb is missing..
Conaugh Parker
Conaugh Parker 20 days ago
Minor correction "Quad core was as high as it went on the desktop and would stay that way til 2017" - except the screenshot at 7:02 shows a 5820k which was a 6-core cpu released in 2014
Lost Network
Lost Network 20 days ago
thank you for making this video
Crissyfox Does Stuff
i got error 43 once and i have never used a VM
Christopher Sawtelle
your 3090 would look great in my computer, just saying LTT.. For those who cant get one, we try any way we can to get one.
NunuKnowsTheWay 20 days ago
As a gamer I consider this a bad thing, most modern undetected cheats run on virtual machines as the host pc can extract data and even if the cheats don’t directly inject into the game on the VM it can be used as a packet radar or ESP. Many games have been ruined by users running these cheats so companies like battleye were forced to take action to stop these cheaters. The more adoption there is the easier it will be for cheat developers to hide their cheats on VM’s and get away with it.
DeltaTUF 20 days ago
Wait a sec... is that a Radeon card and an nvidia card in the same system??
Rohan Mittal
Rohan Mittal 20 days ago
Hackers:- Mordern problem requires modern solution
Liam Rose
Liam Rose 20 days ago
0:19 As I look at my GeForce GT 710 literally laying on my desk.
Jimmy Jango
Jimmy Jango 20 days ago
LOL petrol engine sound on an electric car ha ha!
Clifton Norton
Clifton Norton 20 days ago
Amiga was able to emulate Atari, Mac, and McDOS before 1990. And do it simultaneously.
Jacob Brenner
Jacob Brenner 20 days ago
Using a 3070 as a cat is the biggest flex of 2021
Hexados 21 day ago
Can’t wait for the 3000 series Titan
matt 21 day ago
Imagine having Linus money and owning a Hyundai 😂
UwU 21 day ago
First Last
First Last 21 day ago
US-first’s new resolution menu sucks!
Tech_ 49FPV
Tech_ 49FPV 21 day ago
I have a 1060/3 i5/5500 16g ram. I dont understand why sometimes the stupidest shit, like opening a JPG, either takes FOREVER or "quick" lol
Kablooey 21 day ago
I've done passthrough. Fun stuff unless you're using nvidia gpus exclusively
fergus ferguson
fergus ferguson 21 day ago
How about Nvidia passes through some GPU's to the average mug who wants to buy one, and not just passing them through to scalpers, pre-builders, and miners.
SayWhat? 21 day ago
The only credit due is to AMD for forcing their competitors to abandon artificial limitations they imposed to charge more.
Dr Q
Dr Q 21 day ago
> This was one of the first middle fingers to the Linux community How about not making an open-source Linux driver? Or making Nouveau team's life a nightmare?
karl haxthausen
karl haxthausen 21 day ago
Gee, another bs clickbaity title. Screw off. #boycutlttuntiltheyuserealtitles
Burner Burner
Burner Burner 21 day ago
Can someone please pause the 3D printer in the background!!!!
Evangeliman 21 day ago
Oh I thought this was was gonna be about DX12 multigpu with different gpus working together
Dominik Schmid
Dominik Schmid 21 day ago
Hehe... From head to.... b***s 🤣 #Sponsor ad
adrian.joker13 21 day ago
this music thoughh :'D
Vanz Who?
Vanz Who? 21 day ago
just waiting for that work around for bitcoin miners inflating the prices called a "heatwave"
Kwaite Funi
Kwaite Funi 21 day ago
New leaf same tree. LMAO
UNBEATABLE 2.0 21 day ago
the perfect background does't exist............................................
Synaptik 21 day ago
only if I could actually buy a graphics card.
Vincenzo Crawford
Now all we need is for AMD to fix their X399 platform GPU passthrough issues.
Ozzymand 21 day ago
I've been wanting to switch from Windows to Linux and have a Win VM for so long, this is only pushing me more and more into doing this! Thanks nvidia
Nice Try Bro
Nice Try Bro 21 day ago
I like turtles
Ahman Millener
Ahman Millener 21 day ago
But they burned a lot of bridges and Microsoft help a whole lot. Ion my opinion it was probably Microsoft who was trying to kill linux. God forbid Microsoft have compitition in the game industry. Even though releasing xbox was great at kicking themselves in the nuts.
KaraLoop 21 day ago
Yeah, I'm running a setup like this on a 3960X Threadripper. RTX 2070 Super for Linux, GTX 980 for Windows. Guess what? Now the strx40 chipset is right under two graphics cards that default to zero fanspeed mode. And the chipset fan that would under normal circumstances rarely turn on at all has to run not only more frequently but also faster. Which ends up producing the ONLY audible noise of the water cooled CPU and otherwise well ventilated system. Linus, Alex! Halph! How about a project about those pesky X570 and sTRX40/80 chipset fans?
KaraLoop 21 day ago
Oh, and about looking-glass and scream (you'll need the latter for audio): runs perfectly fine at 4K@60. But beware, it only shows Windows output so there's some short hiccup when you need privilege escalation (UAC prompts) and when the display is outside the Windows system (bootup/reboot/some upgrades that are done on shutdown or reboot). Nothing major, runs through without problem, you just don't see it. If you jack in a monitor into the passthrough card you can still watch all the otherwise invisible magic. :) Love the setup, highly recommended.
Zeyrozi 21 day ago
Agência Parque
Agência Parque 21 day ago
Hey Linus, how can I make quick transfers from Windows to my NAS? Today: 20 hours for just 2 TB. My NAS: Asustor 4004T
Ondrej 21 day ago
for unraid users: download GPUs bios--> open hex editor and remove header all the way to last digit before it says Nvidia R ( registered mark). save file and link it to the unraid GPU bios folder! works all the time..
Jonathan Allbritten
So, first they tried to pull an apple and force people off linux or to buy their Quadros and now they've given up and/or decided the additional sales outweighs trying to manipulate their consumers (likely since AMD is much more linux friendly and Nvidia has been losing that consumer base in waves?)
Firerocket 21 day ago
A Computer Case with tall legs or unfoldable legs. wtf all the pc on floors and no company has made this. idea for sale 50$ come on nzxt
RC-14 21 day ago
And that's how they made a 10 minute video about nvidia removing a limitation on GeForce cards... (not that I don't like it)
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown 21 day ago
When I saw a Radeon and GeForce in the same system in the thumbnail I was hoping this was going to be a video on DirectX 12's multi-gpu function being finally utilized..... I suppose I'll have to keep dreaming....
FunkyMonkeyJedi 21 day ago
being late to the game may perhaps merit some acknowledgments, but to flat out give appraisals for doing something that shouldn't have been blocked to begin with doesn't negate their business practices. Nvidia might have awesome hardware, but their business practices & ideology discredits any breadcrumbs they might be throwing you now. Going all "YAY Nvidia" and arse kissing doesn't get them a free pass IMHO.
Adie Saboe
Adie Saboe 21 day ago
please sub title indonesia....
gameflux 21 day ago
Cool !