Can Intel Beat the Ultimate AMD Gaming PC? 

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Today, we find out which manufacturer, with an unlimited budget for the rest of the PC, has the fastest CPU for gaming.
Intel Build
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AMD Build
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Apr 17, 2021




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Comments 100   
B T 3 hours ago
I have that Black Strix that Linus is using in the intel rig. Absolute Beast of a card. Love it.
DarKNG 10 hours ago
I used to be team intel, then i got a 3000 series and sheesh the 3600x is a beast
Armand Beland
Armand Beland 10 hours ago
Stop using nh d15, its too ugly
Dan Arnin
Dan Arnin 16 hours ago
Mr. Linus what do you do with all the rtx 3090s after you are done with the videos. This is literally the 4th rtx or 5th rtx i am seeing in this channel considering how hard they are to get even with such a high price tag. Potato gamers like me might need them😭😭😭😭
Mikkel Kirketerp
Mikkel Kirketerp 17 hours ago
Linus: NH-D15 is not up to snuff anymore sadly. The arctic liquid freezer ii 420 would be quite a few degrees colder, also the EK AIO. Go see Gamers Nexus review :P
Tragedyking 19 hours ago
Thats so weird cause im seeinh intel cpus benchmark way ahead of amd.
V Major's
V Major's Day ago
give me one!!! give me one !!!
Dhruv Sharma
Dhruv Sharma Day ago
Advice me a 100 dollar upgrade over dell optiplex
Vinay Kumar Vattikuti
Armand Beland
Armand Beland 2 days ago
Rtx 3090 suprim x is faster than strix
Joe 99
Joe 99 2 days ago
US bandwidth too expensive
John schotl
John schotl 2 days ago
I have the Nocta NH-15 on my ryzen 9 5000 build. I LOVE IT!
Marletto Hemmingsen
This is the same case that I have. Nice to see that everyone else knows how good it is as well haha Edit: wait, that's the 5000D not the 4000D.
leonel Oate
leonel Oate 2 days ago
I don’t see an i9 at 500
Kramer Richardson
I feel like the I9-10900k would have been even closer.
GTA 5 performance seems poor for a 3090, even in 4k
Honey Vin
Honey Vin 3 days ago
I m very poor bro but i need to play games can you donate me i m ur oldest subscribers god will give u more if u donate poor guy like me thank you brother
Alex Cio
Alex Cio 3 days ago
Linus! Make a contest or something for that Asus RTX 3090! I will forever love ya! My white build needs that white beast.
daniel yong
daniel yong 3 days ago
what is the price difference between both built ?
Felix The Cat
Felix The Cat 4 days ago
Have an I9 and never gets too hot even with the most demanding apps/games. 122 degrees is nothing with alphacool
King Ivan
King Ivan 4 days ago
I wish i have a gaming pc too
Fraser Lawrance
Fraser Lawrance 4 days ago
hey nice video, what is the software your using to monitor your temps and bottleneck info please?
Alpay 5 days ago
I just ordered the i9-10850K. The 900K price and availability is just nuts.
itsxGrey 2 days ago
I'm lucky I got my hands on a 10900F, now I just need to upgrade some minor parts
Obs4dian Owl
Obs4dian Owl 5 days ago
I've watcher this video 10 times and it doesn't get worse
Antares 5 days ago
6:31 well, you need that if you're overclocking at all. my oc-d 980+ r7 3800x PC with water cooling draws almost 700W at the wall, having a couple hundred watt overhead is definitely not a bad idea, plus my 1000w Seasonic Prime Ultra cost 20 bucks more than a decent 650W corsair psu so why bother going smaller?
The 4 Space Constants Tetraquad
I liked it when you lost, because I have a brand loyalty to Intel. Intel may've lost due to competition tension.
ペイン長門 5 days ago
if only i can afford that
Daxi 5 days ago
Meanwhile me with r5 2600, 8gb and gtx1050ti :(
Gustavo Balmaceda
If you add that for any program that really makes intensive use of the multicore Intel death the dust for a long time you end up with almost no heels to buy Intel. In addition, AMD has cheaper processors with practically the same single-core performance, and without higher multi-core performance.
Rishi Pranav Ramakrishnan
Why isn't there SLI 3090 on both those machines?
Aditya Bhattacharya
Sli is dead no one supports it anymore and in the few games that support it some have worse performance on sli than a single gpu
какой-то красавчик
What do u do with the computers later?
ryry 7 days ago
The price diff kinda switched up
The LotusDoggo
The LotusDoggo 7 days ago
Linus: THE NO COMPROMISES SHOWDOWN! Also Linus: * puts 2 sticks of RAM in each build instead of 4 *
koffeQX 2 days ago
He wanted the same ram for both systems and probably didnt have any more of that kit 🤷‍♂️
HungryDinoSaw 64
HungryDinoSaw 64 7 days ago
5:14 jake do you want some cooler with your thermal paste yeesh
Frog101🐸 7 days ago
are you yuubs bs you
Francisco Silva
Francisco Silva 7 days ago
Imagine if the i9 11900k had 16 cores
PleeperTheLemon 7 days ago
I like how the winner takes amd ;)
Friday Californiaa
Maybe it's time for me to upgrade my Cyrix GX ?
Unlucky Benny
Unlucky Benny 8 days ago
Man those are pretty GPUs. Wish I could buy one 🥲
K M Mezbaul Hoque
which one should i get for photoshop illustrator Adobe XD Intel i5-10600k or Ryzen 5 3600X ???
GamingDAD 8 days ago
For real-world use, that 10% performance diff means nothing, if you got a 144Hz monitor and all your games perform well above 144 fps, you're only gonna see 144FPS capped, So that extra money for the 5950x for that 10% increase doesn't look worth it, and the 11900K looks the better deal, even the 5900X is about 100 dollars more, and the 11900K performs slightly better then the 5900X.
Me too
Mustafa Farooq
Mustafa Farooq 8 days ago
Can you give me a free gaming pc
Jonathan Walker
Jonathan Walker 9 days ago
Can't wait till we get a Intel graphics card so we can get a true comparison
Viraj Pursnani
Viraj Pursnani 9 days ago
I watch Linus tech tips to look at shit i could never afford
I Komang Ana Junaedi
Thats all good, but only1 bad news. I don't have a PC. 😭😭😭
PROGamer 1673
PROGamer 1673 9 days ago
Htet Aung
Htet Aung 10 days ago
Which is better for rendering such as 3DSMAX, Vray rendering?
Кристиан Карамитев
10900k is better than 11900k.you try to find difference bettween processor for 500$ and processor for 1000$
Ric Grim
Ric Grim 10 days ago
Why such a high price on these cpus? Amd wtf happened!? You were the chosen one!!
Radplay 9 days ago
Global Silicon Shortage + high demand + not enough supply + scalpers + crypto miners = high prices
John Lam
John Lam 10 days ago
"Dam'nt!" #LinusHatesIntel
RobdKlun 7 hours ago
He has good taste.
Subber Boy
Subber Boy 10 days ago
My AMD: *Sheeeeeeshhhh* their AMD:
Just Adude125
Just Adude125 10 days ago
I can only watch and dream to have a mid-range or high-end pc...
Andrej Kacev
Andrej Kacev 10 days ago
intel celeron is the best CPU hahahahaha!
Cowie 3
Cowie 3 10 days ago
Am I stupid or why is a 3090 struggling with GTA?
Brandon Polen
Brandon Polen 11 days ago
How much does it cost for the entire tower pc they just built?
Wesley Tadique
Wesley Tadique 11 days ago
Eyy its me from last year's "CAN AMD BEAT THE ULTIMATE INTEL GAMING PC" well here's my answer😌
Bob Ross Gaming
Bob Ross Gaming 12 days ago
The one youtuber with an acceptable flashing animated intro
Dave 12 days ago
Ridiculous. Can't even buy an RTX 3060 let alone an RTX3090
Darky Lucy
Darky Lucy 12 days ago
haha! compaire it with my 3 year old gameing pc notbook lenovo legion y520 navdia gtx 1050 2gb grafick card with proccesor! intel core i05-7300HQ CPU 2,50GHz 4 cores! haha i bet i win! still paying it ohh doh for 2 more years! i gave 980 dollars for it 2 our 3 years back but have to plug in an usb couller system couse it gest warm fast. haha maybe one day i can aford a new one! in any case i bet i wuld win!
GameStudio 12 days ago
All dislikes are from Intel fanboys
laveenr 12 days ago
still remember him saying the same question but with amd, times change.
stephen davis
stephen davis 13 days ago
What do they do with the pc ?
That1_kid 124
That1_kid 124 13 days ago
wish pewdiepie
Technology 13 days ago
Can you build me a desktop
TuffleGirl UwU
TuffleGirl UwU 14 days ago
Amd already calling it
M p
M p 14 days ago
really you should have used the 6900xt with the 5950x since it has smart access memory. my 5900x with 6900xt at 5c out performs the 5950x with 3090 on that same godlike mobo.
SR Millar
SR Millar 14 days ago
5800x beats 11900k also lol
Big Basher
Big Basher 15 days ago
buying the most powerful gaming PC... to play Roblox...
edgaras seredzius
edgaras seredzius 15 days ago
Intel cheaper... Cooler temps, less power consump... Sad that linus advertising just amd even if its crappy
Radplay 15 days ago
"Cooler temps, less power consump" Yeah, right, especially 11th gen lmaooo It's cheaper because 1. Silicon shortage 2. It's bad and not a lot of people buy it "linus advertising just amd even if its crappy" Hmmm... If AMD is crappy, why does their stock sell out every time it becomes available?
Justin Terry
Justin Terry 15 days ago
What do you do with the pc's you build?
Radplay 15 days ago
They tear the builds down to use the parts in the future
Oh?You’re approaching me?
any way i can get 1 of them pc's ????
LONE WOLF 16 days ago
with the masks on? smh stupid lol
369 16 days ago
@Linus Tech Tips wanna send me the Graphicscard ?
StarGazer 16 days ago
i need some help on picking out some good only parts
St1lts 17 days ago
With Microsoft Direct Storage, you can now load GTA 5 2% faster.
Eric Enache
Eric Enache 17 days ago
if only I could get a pc that good :( My cpu throttled when it reached 100 Degrees C to about 80% its performance. DO I need to change the thermal paste?
Eric Enache
Eric Enache 15 days ago
@Blahdimir thx a lot! Gonna do that!
Blahdimir 15 days ago
could help if your pc is over 5 years old
Ibrahim Arif
Ibrahim Arif 17 days ago
You can get a ryzen thredripper which is much more powerful and its 3000 dollars
Radplay 16 days ago
Threadripper isn't meant for gaming.
Jim Page
Jim Page 17 days ago
How would these do for a video editing setup (using premiere)? what would you change if anything?
Grzxm 17 days ago
What in the hell do they do with all these pcs they build
Hot Wolverine
Hot Wolverine 17 days ago
In our country we get ryzen 9 easily .
Knox 17 days ago
Me being a person that does much more than gaming with my gaming setup I'm probably going with amd just for the sheer better general performance also render times with amd cpus are a lot better though I only render with the GPU
Phoenix TD
Phoenix TD 17 days ago
God I miss tinkering and slowly upgrading my build..
Jay Lipovsky
Jay Lipovsky 17 days ago
Who the hell plays Rock Paper Scissors and throws on Scissors instead of shoot?!
FeedMeSalt 18 days ago
waitis 3600 14 really that wild? i got a 3000 at 3200 14 right now 130$
Nicollas 18 days ago
and I'm here just trying to get money for a 11400f and a b560
Bivor 18 days ago
If I can buy one of them ... In dream
Concerned Citizen
Concerned Citizen 18 days ago
Lose the face masks.
J-F B 18 days ago
bought my Antec PS 850W (best i could find) in 2008 and its still overkill in 2021.
ItsWasowski 18 days ago
does anyone know what benchmark test they use to see the temps and stuff
Paulo Jorge Araujo
Paulo Jorge Araujo 19 days ago
What happens to the computers you mount? Do you sell them?
D7ag0nX Playz
D7ag0nX Playz 15 days ago
They get disassembled to use the parts later
signor don
signor don 19 days ago
wanted to see the multithread showdown
peter c
peter c 19 days ago
What is best for gaming 11700k or the 5800x?!
peter c
peter c 18 days ago
@Radplay What motherboard is best to pair with the 5800x that is from 180 to 220?
peter c
peter c 18 days ago
@Radplay Honestly I hardly ever upgrade that is why Im thinking the 5800x might be the better choice. But then again maybe games will skip needed 8 core and go straight to 12 or 16? Then itd be better to get the 5600x now and later upgrade to a 16 core. The fact is I dont really care to upgrade ever unless theres a game I play that needs it...I play overwatch, starcraft 2, hollow knight, and games that dont really require much cpu power or even gpu...My current pc plays every game I want pretty well. Games like cyberpunk i hold off on until its fixed & cheap...I just got around to playing doom eternal & my pc played it really well at 1440p...I honestly enjoy building a new PC so its been so long since Ive built one that Ive got that itch & with the newer consoles being 8 core newer games will need it to play well.
Radplay 18 days ago
@peter c Depends on how long do you want to have the PC without upgrading. Zen 4 and beyond will be on a new socket (AM5), so you'd have to buy a new motherboard. At the same time, motherboards with this socket will most likely support DDR5 RAM, and it will take some time for DDR5 prices to stabilize. And in the future, games should get updated to utilize more than like 2 cores. The 5800X is faster in single core, so it might give you some more FPS. The 5600X is also a solid CPU. You won't lose much performance, and (if you haven't got one already) you can save the money for a graphics card, since the prices are still crazy. TL;DR If you want a better Graphics card, go for the 5600X If you want more cores and a bit more single core performance, go fo the 5800X
peter c
peter c 18 days ago
@Radplay the 3600 comes only in cl18. The 3200 comes in 16 on bestbuy. BTW now im debating whether to just get a 5600x instead of the 5800x. I read they are back in neck in all games. I'm guessing games don't yet utilizing 8 cores? What do you think considering they are 100 to 150 dollars difference in price
Radplay 18 days ago
@peter c Yes, that would be good (if it has B550 or X570 chipset). Also, CL16 ram would be better. Even if it was 3200/3000MHz, you could overclock it later.
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Buddysnipes 19 days ago
so in CAD currency the 5950x goes for around 1149 and the 11900k goes for 739.... almost the same gaming preformance... its funny how AMD grew in popularity for being an affordable alternative with almost equal in performance to intel but now intel is taking that category in only one generation. Sounds like AMDs ego grew over night XD. Productivity though AMD all the way. However, Intel i think is the best option for gaming when it comes to value and availability
Mason911 19 days ago
i have the Ryzen 9 5950x / rtx 3090 in my computer and im happy with it , a beast of a cpu/gpu , i dont regret it!
mazz's maker space
mazz's maker space 19 days ago
I think I'll stick with my Intel i9 9960X. Even though it's PCI-E 3, I have lanes, without going AMD.
Origami Boy
Origami Boy 19 days ago
I love how good the transitions are for the sponsors
Ayaz Ahmad
Ayaz Ahmad 19 days ago
I wanna steal that AMD pc 😫😫