Face it, Apple. You lost. 

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Sensel has created the best trackpad in existence, and how it works is soooo freaking cool.
Check our Sensel: sensel.com/
Watch Physics Girl's video on capacitive touch: us-first.info/player/video/jcmIZ4GHYWx6hqM.html
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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
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Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE

Science & Technology

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Apr 29, 2021




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Comments 100   
Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips 19 days ago
Personalize your PC and use code LTT to get 10% off on Cablemod at lmg.gg/FWai3​ (expires May 10th)
NASA limbu
NASA limbu 10 days ago
Dj iPod
tuck shop
tuck shop 14 days ago
@Harry Sanjaya This comment appeared in my notifications. Not only am I confused why but nobody in this comment thread has said anything Intel/AMD related. I would like to inform you that you may have replied to the wrong thread. Have a nice day and I wish you all the best in your argument.
Harry Sanjaya
Harry Sanjaya 14 days ago
Shut UP Intel fanboi
itchy Vee
itchy Vee 17 days ago
@Javo Nielsen KLKKK
Earl Lee
Earl Lee 17 days ago
@Yosvany Capote sell it and buy a life you doosh newb
Sooraj Msr
Sooraj Msr 5 hours ago
I had no idea my laptop's trackpad was bad. I didn't even know trackpads could be bad. 🤔
RAVI mistry
RAVI mistry 7 hours ago
dimii27 8 hours ago
Plot twist: Apple buys the whole company
Pierre R.
Pierre R. 8 hours ago
Dont like the Clickbait Title. What does this have to do with apple? Becuase they also use tochpads? Thats dumb
Chris Ryan
Chris Ryan 17 hours ago
Uggghhh.. ThinkPad. That's a shame. I hate the keyboard on ThinkPads, Ctrl key is in the wrong place, it's super annoying.
ahuachapan2 22 hours ago
Cool! Next fingering generation here we go!
RK Adi
RK Adi Day ago
Alex tantrum is the best
Linus...the segway to the shameless LTT store plug was epic...lmfao 🤣
Funk the duck
or buy a mouse
Mahn Miyakawa
Rainbow Nati
Rainbow Nati 2 days ago
The configuration app looks properly botched given the default WinForms icon, components and a complete lack of a UX consideration, so I'm gonna assume it was created by the engineers as a prototype for testing and it's not really an end-user piece of software that they would dare to ship with their products.
Arnamo 2 days ago
TLDR of this Vid: “Science! Fuck yeah!”
Red Dragon
Red Dragon 2 days ago
im actually that one guy that tried apples trackpads and doesnt like them, i prefer dells approach.
Freeman 2 days ago
WTF, why does the coolest tech get hidden between the least descriptive titles??
JC 2 days ago
What I find funny is that the screen on my Blackberry Storm that I had like 10 years ago clicked like an actual button when you pressed it. They were the only company using that technology back then. Fast forward to 2018/19 and Samsung implements it into the Galaxy line of phones to get the tactile feedback of an actual button press when you press the home button. It was pretty slick how they figured out how to use it on just that part of the screen instead of the entire screen being a button like Blackberry did.
Saurav Bhowmik
Saurav Bhowmik 2 days ago
I hate physics
Tri Easy
Tri Easy 2 days ago
Jeffrey Salazar
Jeffrey Salazar 2 days ago
“Big quantum” is such an oxymoron 😂
Raul Guerrero
Raul Guerrero 3 days ago
Apple iphone 12 and mac pro GARBAGE !!! 😌
ChickenMacNugget 3 days ago
Linus not satisfied by 3.5"
Ik Ben Er Pik.
Ik Ben Er Pik. 3 days ago
That trackpad is so fucking ugly I want to prick my eyes out.
PG 3 days ago
linus: size matters in this case -> thats what she said ;)
Alienbreeder's Amiga Retro Computing
So the Thinkpad now contains nice, new trackpad tech... mixed with archaic X86 garbage
uninteresting person
I came here for a review not a college lecture Linus.
green notes
green notes 4 days ago
apple never lost
Uche Oji
Uche Oji 4 days ago
Vampires will love this. They could never figure out capacitive touchpads..
Daniel Steinberg
Daniel Steinberg 4 days ago
I get it, but...the trackpoint is far superior to any touch pad. Not the only reason, but definitly a big reason I only buy ThinkPads for myself. I wish every laptop offered a track point option. The middle button on a ThinkPad takes care of scrolling and zooming, what more do you need? I've never understood touchpad gestures and multi-finger actions just get in the way. FSR Tech might be nice when it can replace capacitive digitizers on smartphones and other touchscreens.
Nathaniel Clark
Nathaniel Clark 4 days ago
That software is coded using Visual Studio. lol
nameless 5 days ago
why do i have the feeling apple is going to do this to the keyboard
Christiaan Botha
Christiaan Botha 6 days ago
No one in their right mind use a touchpad.
chesshooligan 1
chesshooligan 1 6 days ago
Changing the subject slightly, it's good to see sanity is coming back to laptop screen aspect ratios. I stopped being interested in laptops since the screens went 16:9 with a large chunk of plastic between the screen and the keyboard. That didn't make any sense, and I can't believe it has lasted over a decade.
artraft 6 days ago
Indeed! Apple battle on Privacy of its customers can't be guaranteed. Apple will have a gentleman plot, not bad.
StapleCactus 6 days ago
People still use touchpads? As soon as I got my laptop, I bought a bluetooth mouse to go with it. Oh, who am I kidding, people LIKE touchpad phones, so of course they'd still use the ones on laptops.
steven jenson
steven jenson 6 days ago
Yeah Apple lost…. Less the one percent of people using Apple track pad
Gaming with Lacks Agency
I went from Windows only touch pads to a MacBook pro. OMG i love that track pad. And you're telling me there's something that can be just as good on a Windows?!
Ashly Y
Ashly Y 6 days ago
if industries were collaborative rather than competitive, a single standard would work. it'd be similar to how high-end system integrators work - the parts are (mostly) standardised from different suppliers but they integrate it as a single system this tech looks super cool though - i was excited about 3d touch before it went away but a true pressure-sensitive and accurate trackpad sounds amazing. i can see both gaming and productivity uses for it, especially if it has multitouch
GoGa 6 days ago
Give it a year or 2 and Apple will buy Sensel
Bryant C
Bryant C 6 days ago
I bet they only make 2-3 laptops until Apple eventually buys them
Condogz 7 days ago
Future of Wacom tech?
Jean-Simon Desjardins
1:11 "Big winter gloves" Yeah you're definitely from Vancouver
Secretly a Celebrity
I'm not getting a windows laptop
willmtaylor 7 days ago
Big shout-out to the sound editors for making absolutely zero changes to volume or music levels as Linus tries to let us here the click differences.
Ender Elohim
Ender Elohim 7 days ago
sensel? more like sensei
Andrew Agustin
Andrew Agustin 7 days ago
Would love to see a drawing pad with this tech
Not my Real name
Not my Real name 7 days ago
I have a mouse
Aden Kindy .K
Aden Kindy .K 7 days ago
Yea lmao
Circuitsoft 8 days ago
So, what ever happened to the JazzMutant/Stantum resistive touch controllers? They looked amazing at the time, but never really went anywhere. (I blame marketing)
Happy Hermy Hype
Happy Hermy Hype 8 days ago
that's the same tech as inside the switch Joycons
ezmod0 8 days ago
the tech itself is very cool, but that buttons on thinkpad just ruin the experience you constantly feel the lack of vertical space when using it
Not Telling
Not Telling 8 days ago
Quantum touch pad
MythicalMining 8 days ago
never trust big quantum, just ask James Bond
TrakiyaThrash 9 days ago
the TrackPoint™'s been around for about 30 years now
Dairekatana 9 days ago
Oke start the countdown already. T-minus not so long before Apple announces it has acquired Sensel.
Pobbity Boppity
Pobbity Boppity 9 days ago
Shitty clickbait title
Anne Fitzpatrick
Anne Fitzpatrick 9 days ago
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ExtreamEarth90X 9 days ago
I'm glad that Apple lose to their own competitors. Windows laptop is #1
ExtreamEarth90X 9 days ago
Apple sucks
Luke Beauchamp
Luke Beauchamp 10 days ago
This technology would be great in smartphone screens. Maybe they could make a phone touchscreen that works when it's wet or make the sound coil vibrate when your thumb slides over an icon so you could navigate by feel instead of having to look at the screen.
Andrew Salinas
Andrew Salinas 10 days ago
Can't wait for Apple to develop their own in 5 years.
100hundert 10 days ago
1:27 That 70s animation style looks so gorgeous!
Movie Blues
Movie Blues 10 days ago
Typical Linus clickbait trolling. Why not a 'Why Apple will go out of business next year' video.
David T
David T 10 days ago
I wonder if this can improve touch screen technology?
Cr Hu
Cr Hu 10 days ago
Trackpoint needs to go back on J key, but even stuck stupidly on no one's index finger at GH, it's better than trackpads. I use a precious wonderful WIRED USB Logitech thumb trackball for more no-wrist-motion pointing and that works well even in gaming. Mice are for text work (easier to control the buttons for cut/paste) and trackpads are for gammons.
TheBinary0101 10 days ago
You just trying to sell useless shit. Fake reviews !!
LSMe 25
LSMe 25 10 days ago
If it’s not a Gaming PC, products that use Windows suck. Don’t care about all these extra specs, don’t gotta worry about my MacBook slowing down for years. Most important thing for me. That stupid Windows loading wheel makes me wanna fight.
archhangell 10 days ago
The work you're doing Linus is very underrated for just a like and subscription
EX0stasis 10 days ago
It’s about time somebody stepped up to compete with Apple’s trackpad. Still a Mac fan for several other reasons, but I still use Windows as well.
Ace Strife
Ace Strife 11 days ago
As a mysophobe/germaphobe, capacitive touchpads are the bane of my existence.. especially when you need to wear a glove at all times, like oh I dunno, anywhere in a retail store.
William Leslie
William Leslie 11 days ago
3.5" is still annoyingly large for a touchpad. Just get rid of the thing, Lenovo, so we can stop disabling it in software. call it weight saving if you like.
Farhan Muhammad
Farhan Muhammad 11 days ago
Dustin Fwiler
Dustin Fwiler 11 days ago
I wish they could have this to replace mouse buttons.
nutte® 11 days ago
what's more important to make a good image? smaller pixels, duh
sparrovicious 11 days ago
... the chances of quantum tunneling between these particles increases ... aaaaaand I am out :D
Ranga 11 days ago
Lol apple gonna do this next time and introduce as innovation , people will believe they are the first to do this ever :D
SAUCE 11 days ago
Thinkpad still looks dumb.
OTL The High Temple of Spam
If it’s a voice coil it could be used as a microphone. That fucking thing is cooool
Mr Tetillas
Mr Tetillas 11 days ago
I thought you were going to talk about the trackpoint or nipple about how good they are, about the suffering that you save yourself or because they are only seen in thinkpad today since dell also used the trackpoint in some models 10 years ago.
Arnold Panashe Msanzikwa
꧁RadicalRick꧂ 11 days ago
It's hilarious that they have a proprietory on a technology that they themselves don't understand yet!
Andrew K Thomas
Andrew K Thomas 12 days ago
4:23 get a load of big quantum feeding us misinformation smh
rpavlik1 12 days ago
Is this sponsored by Sensel?
rpavlik1 12 days ago
Resistive touch screens might make it be cloudy, but not resistive track pads 🤦 Ironically, (larger) fsr's are sometimes replaced by capacitive sensors as "newer" tech. I'm not sure whether capacitive sensor density really makes that much of a difference since it's not binary... Who is going to make a piezo touchpad?
Nick Schlax
Nick Schlax 12 days ago
Great video, and genuinely interesting technology, but why the obnoxious, click-baity title? Apple hasn't "lost" anything. Honestly, it feels kind of insulting to your viewers that you think we'll only click on a video if you play in to childish brand-fanboy tribalisms.
oof 12 days ago
isn’t this literally just the force touch trackpad on the macbook
Justin Dunn
Justin Dunn 12 days ago
This was an interesting video but I don't see how it's related to the title at all. Nothing in the video even talked about the touchpads used on Apple laptops so it makes no sense.
Frank Mayer
Frank Mayer 12 days ago
Ok, when and where can i buy that? I would like to have it right now!
Sensel 12 days ago
Thanks for your interest! It's not available at the moment, but shoot us an email at touchpad [at] sensel [dot] com and we'll alert you when we have updates!
Not in Gb
Not in Gb 12 days ago
But they havent managed to think of getting rid of the pointless ugly 90’s left and right click buttons
Matthew 12 days ago
Really cool video, but the title is reaching a little bit too hard 😂
Kirk Nelson
Kirk Nelson 12 days ago
I hate touch pads, I'll stick with the mouse thank you.
TiagoTiago 12 days ago
Resistive touchscreens are back in the menu?
Rojsa.com واردات تخصصی لپ تاپ
Really cool :) hope more laptops use this tech.
Nicholas Lee
Nicholas Lee 12 days ago
FSRs have been around for many decades, but the problem is that eventually the compressed layer doesn't spring back to its original thickness and it stops working properly. I would be suspicious about the time-to-failure of these track pads. Also, don't leave your credit card on this track pad when you are shopping on-line, the built-in magnetic coil could scramble the data on the card's magnetic stripe.
Henk van het Internet
As a touchpad power user i just can't imagine it being a better experience than my E540's touchpad. Its a regular pad suspended on effectively 4 switches. So its a pad with deep travel. The only thing it lacks is a dedicated right click button.
Steven Domm
Steven Domm 12 days ago
Andrejs Dekunovs
Andrejs Dekunovs 12 days ago
just use a mouse.....
Boba Vhett
Boba Vhett 12 days ago
That was the thinnest "big winter glove" I ever saw.
Shawn Carroll
Shawn Carroll 12 days ago
Dave, could you please adjust the sensitivity of my haptics....
David Robitaille
David Robitaille 12 days ago
nah nah nah... Apple trackpads are great
Kholtin Grant
Kholtin Grant 13 days ago
Anyone know what that desk is? With those usb's in the front?
schassis_eddi 13 days ago
Sensel uses a MICRO USB cable? GARBAGE 🗑