I Finally Started a Mac Channel.... - WAN Show April 16, 2021 

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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119)
00:01:15 Topic #1: New LMG Channel - Apple Fans Rejoice! [Jump to 00:02:52]
00:00:31 Topic #2: NVIDIA Enters the CPU and Laptop Market. [Jump to 00:48:14]
00:01:30 Topic #3: iOS Users Will No Longer Have Access to Discord Servers Tagged NSFW... [Jump to 00:58:44]
00:00:39 Topic #4: Microsoft's "Acquisition Streak" Continues - Nuance Purchased for $19.7 Billion. [Jump to 01:16:59]
00:29:21 Unofficial Topic #1: Amazon Canada Pricing is All Over the Place (And Luke's Review).
01:07:59 Unofficial Topic #2: MORE Apple V.S. Epic Games Drama! Epic Games Store is "Bleeding Money".
01:13:14 Unofficial Topic #3: Twitch Losing MILLIONS of Followers.
00:02:09 Intro.
00:02:52 Topic #1: New Apple Exclusive Channel - Mac Address
00:02:56 bUt LiNUs, yOu aRe/ArEn'T ApPlE sHiLl (and playing the devil's advocate.)
00:04:38 Linus Rant #1 - Linus's Opinion on Apple, its' Community and Right to Repair.
00:06:05 Explaining the Name (Mac Address.)
00:07:38 Jonathan Horst - Unbiased Towards Apple?
00:12:04 What to Expect on the New Channel.
00:26:50 Hiring ONCE Again (For the New Channel.)
00:29:21 Unofficial Topic #1: Amazon Canada Pricing is All Over the Place (And Luke's Review).
00:29:24 Luke and (Barely) Purchasing from Amazon. Discussing Amazon Features.
00:31:14 Not All Amazon Prices are Lower just like these Linus Tech Tips Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles LTTstoredotcom.
00:31:40 Linus Rant #2 - Returned Mislabeled Products, Penalizes and Other Vendors Shenanigans.
00:35:50 "LMAO ... It's not a great experience" ~ Nick 2021
00:36:45 Linus Rant #3 - Why Use Amazon if you Despised it?
00:40:25 LMG Will Still Use Amazon.
00:42:00 Luke's Opinion on Intel not Showing up on PAX.
00:43:31 Browsing Amazon Reviews on the Linus Tech Tips Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles Available now on Both Amazon and LTTstoredotcom.
00:44:16 ABCs of Gaming is Officially on Amazon (The Tale of the Used Book.)
00:46:22 The Northern Lights Desk Pad is in Stock again!
00:48:14 Topic #2: NVIDIA Enters the CPU and Laptop Market.
00:48:27 New architecture dubbed Grace - X10 Times the Performance of Today's Complex AI Servers?!?!
00:49:16 Grace Allows for the Combination of System Memory and HBM GPU Memory.
00:49:44 Intel’s New CEO’s responds “(Intel) is playing Offense, not Defense”
00:51:26 Media Tech Partnership to Bring RTX Grapics Cards to ARM Laptops, and potential future ARM clashing with AMD.
00:52:14 Linus Rant #4 - Linus Tempted to Get Apple Arcade for Fantasian, But Will Not.
00:55:52 Fantom Wallet - Use Code LINUS10 for 10% OFF.
00:56:31 Pulseway - Try it for Free lmg/pulsewayteams .
00:57:13 SquareSpace - Use Code WAN for 10% OFF.
00:58:44 Topic #3: iOS Users Will No Longer Have Access to Discord Servers Tagged NSFW...
00:59:06 Discord's Community Guidelines Requires NSFW Labels for Channels (Servers Marked as NSFW ONLY When the Majority of the Server's Theme is NSFW.)
01:00:31 iOS Users are Blocked from NSFW Flagged Servers!... But you can Still Access Them on the Web Version.
01:03:41 Linus Rant #5 - Cannot Access App Information on the Web Accessible Version of App Store.
01:07:40 Linus's Official Favorite Comment on the WAN Show of All Time - WHERE ARE THE TIME STAMPS?! (I got you fam)
01:07:59 Unofficial Topic #2: MORE Apple V.S. Epic Games Drama! Epic Games Store is "Bleeding Money"
1:10:14 Tim Sweeny Calls Out IGN on Their Article Regarding Epic Games.
01:13:14 Unofficial Topic #3: Twitch Losing MILLIONS of Followers.
01:13:20 US-first and Removing Subscribers, Similarity of the Situation.
01:14:51 xQc Lost 2.6 Million Followers, Sodapoppin Lost 3.2 Million Followers.
01:15:05 Losing Followers does not Matter (According to Linus.)
01:16:24 Linus Rant #6 - Hatred towards the "New" US-first Dashboard.
01:17:00 Topic #4: Microsoft's "Acquisition Streak" Continues - Nuance Purchased for $19.7 Billion.
01:17:54 Discussing Nuance #1 - Justifying Acquisition and Informations
01:18:12 Previous Microsoft Acquisitions (Second Largest Acquisition since 2016, LinkedIn for $24 Billion, ZeniMax Media and its Game Publisher for $7.5 Billion, Discord for $10 Billion...)
01:19:16 Just How Much Subscribers Linus Tech Tips Lose in its 13 Years Lifetime?
01:22:01 Discussing Nuance #2 - More Information Regarding Speech Recognition and the Medical Industry and AHS.
01:24:04 Donations and Other Superchat Questions. (OnlyFans Update? Right to Repair? Dogecoin?)
01:38:25 Wrapping up

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Apr 16, 2021




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Rainbow Dash
Rainbow Dash 2 days ago
0:14 Because: Google. Sucks. Big. Time. 4:25 It's a great device. Why use something else that doesn't bring any benefits over it? 6:01 That guy looks so Apple user, totally nailed it! 12:50 Windows Pagefile entered the chat. 27:34 "AJ" ... 28:58 "6969x" - well, you clearly see Linus' priorities here. AJ is his best pony and anything with 69 in it is pretty obvious anyways. 29:38 I'll probably never get why people have Prime Shipping. It's not quicker by a single friggen day at all and you can totally save up shipping costs by just being over 29 bucks or having a friggen book in the shipment. There literally is no actual benefit IMHO. The whole Amazon thing is a thing actually. I still buy from them, but I try to get things elsewhere if possible, but also the price decides. Being stuck on a very tight budget very much dictates my life and if I want to get the maximum out of it, I'll have to save a buck here and there. In the end you'll see the same problem almost everywhere to some extent. I've heard similarly shocking news (not exactly having to piss into bottles, but being "carefully" observed and stuff) about basically every grovery store, drugstore and many others. If you really want to evade workers being abused, you'll find yourself ending up being an eremite somewhere alone these days. It is virtually impossible. BTW I'd totally get a water bottle (now imagining I actually wanted one) off of amazon if that would save me the shipping fees, customs and tax stuff I would have to go though by ordering directly from lttstoredotcom (I've heard YT doesn't like hard links in a main comment, so I wrote it out). But then again, no such thing to be seen on my "regional" amazon site. I mean, their massive warehouse and logistics structure would make it possible to have that stuff ready all across the world for much less, simply because they work in massively huge numbers. 1:07:31 I lost it! :D 1:07:40 Now that cracked me up ^^
Mr Glasses
Mr Glasses 5 days ago
Linus should try a Sony Xperia 5 II, Xperia 1 II or Xperia Pro.
QajsProductions 7 days ago
1:04:00 You also can't change Family Sharing settings without an iDevice. I setup Family Payment method and restrictions for my family when I had an iPhone, and then I could not change them AT ALL after getting an Android. There's just not a way. The kids were stuck unless I signed into an iDevice. Ridiculous.
Just John
Just John 7 days ago
18:10 - Host if the video should be picked by the level of technicality of the video. Anthony hosting RGB build seems kinda ironic choice for example. And as Linus said he had no idea about majority of stuff he talked about in the error 43 video.
stacey vieira
stacey vieira 8 days ago
honestly dell/alienware should be sued, selling people from canada onsite warranty knowing that they'll make you send the computer into a depot anyways, can anything be done about this?
O H 9 days ago
The $40 word Jonathon Horst mentioned at 8:35 was "skeumorphic". It's a design philosophy that states that software applications should be try to represent and emulate the physical object who's function they're fulfilling. For example, the Notes app should look like yellow legal pad, and it's font should look like ballpoint pen handwriting. The Clock app should look like an analog clock. Flipping through your contacts should look and sound like flipping through a Rolodex. Skeumorphic design was a core part of the iOS design language and it was part of Steve Jobs's unshakeable religion. But, after iOS 7, the design language switched and became far more "flat". Flat designs simply try to reduce as much friction as possible between the user desired action and the input required to undergo that action and produce the result in the neatest, cleanest view possible. The most obvious example of the shift in design language is looking at the old US-first app icon (a cutesy little representation of a CRT TV) versus the new one (just the flat US-first logo). It reflects a shift in Apple's design priorities - from iOS 7, they've basically said, "we don't have to 'on board' our users to our products by making them comparable to similar physical objects they've used before as a reference point; in fact, for most of our users, the iPhone *is* the reference point, anyways." And that's the philosophy that most UX design on modern smartphones try to follow these days; nowadays, the skeumorphic philosophy looks kitschy and dated.
Surfer Dude
Surfer Dude 9 days ago
No sympathy for Google Notes shutting down. When I'm doing a presentation, I use Notepad and nothing else. It's simple, It's free and it just works.
Sund 10 days ago
You are aware that you need a 0:00 timestamp in the description for it to show on the timeline right?
Roald Bosman
Roald Bosman 10 days ago
new milestone 10 mil unsubscribes?
psycronizer 11 days ago
40:14 That little tidbit there Linus just spoke about was right at the heart at what makes his channel what it is, and , luckily for him, he has an upbeat, manic, super enthusiasm about his passion, computers ! He doesn't take himself too seriously and has the razor sharp instinct on how to keep riding that success train. That's one thing I really have to congratulate him on, he has managed, god only knows how, to keep his content very fresh and it never feels like the sun is going to set on LTT......
PrdxlDrm 14 days ago
10:34 The Veritasium video: us-first.info/player/video/oJqra3tfkaFzf3U.html
David Imrie
David Imrie 14 days ago
"Amazon search is fantastic"... Are you criminally insane?
T Est
T Est 15 days ago
Functional design is not ugly, if it's ugly it's not well designed, if it's just pretty and has no function it's not design.
T Est
T Est 15 days ago
Apple Talk would have been nice as it's a old Trademark also :D
Dharma Jannyter
Dharma Jannyter 16 days ago
1:20:51 Can someone explain why it's supposedly easier to check how many subscribers a channel has if you're unsubscribed? I seem to be able to see the number of subscribers without any problems while being subscribed. Does anybody know what Linus means?
The Schleicher’s
The Schleicher’s 16 days ago
I bet they used zip recruiter
SeRBrighter UnAgainst
Those who use macs know what a mac address is?
Siku James
Siku James 17 days ago
This is weeks old so no one will probably read this, but the game looks like Bravely Default with the character inspired by Nier. I'd almost refuse to believe the Brave Default look wasn't inspired by it at least.
Frosty. 18 days ago
i keep thinking the march toward censorship is gonna turn around.. but no.. too many free sjw points to collect i guess
Brian Watson
Brian Watson 19 days ago
1:28:17 Is it Tronicsfix? Sounds like him, he does great videos and usually does giveaways for the consoles he fixes as well!
Powerful Aura
Powerful Aura 19 days ago
Honestly, your attitude towards this Mac spin-off channel's editorial direction is all wrong. Every other Mac channel is already like that, i.e. casual/normie & largely non-technical, there are a million other established sources for that. Having a Mac/Apple-themed channel that ventured into the more technical & Unix-ey stuff would actually set it apart & be of great interest & help to many users, as well as being more consistent with the rest of your brand.
kyppodk 20 days ago
Err, I can see the subscriber count just fine, while being subscribed. 13.3m at the time of writing.
Blackasthesky 21 day ago
Amazon search is fantastic?! I always feel like it is the least accurate search engine i know of.
Eternalduoae 21 day ago
What about scrapyard wars: european tour (once things calm down). So you'd have (potentially) language barrier, unfamiliar currency and prices as well as city layout, etc.
InFAMOUSPS4 21 day ago
Linus has the mind of an engineer. I've never related to a tangent from a youtuber more than his.
Lozo did it
Lozo did it 22 days ago
My company hires a bunch of people who can't stand working at Amazon warehouses anymore and I don't think we pay as well.
Krakmakful 22 days ago
A gaming podcast would be awesome. Since the Co-optional podcast stopped I've been looking for one.
Adam Hoffman
Adam Hoffman 22 days ago
Red head, no soul, just like apple. JK love tech in general. If its tech forward, I love it.
Anon 22 days ago
17:32 Over explaining is the opposite of going into depth.
TheNewGreenIsBlue 23 days ago
The thing is... those small design changes DO matter. Do they functionally make something better? No? They make it "novel". And people are drawn to novelty... HOWEVER, if you just make something different for the sake of being different, you can easily get into this trap of gluing on these useless features just for the sake of adding something "new" without thinking of whether you "should" add it. How many people complained that the iPhone design was "boring" and old... there was nothing "functionally" wrong with the design. Apple (generally) designs with purpose. That's why they make small little changes to colours and rounded edges. Sure it doesn't "matter" that they released a purple iPhone. It's not a "measurably" better design in many cases... the measurably better part comes from the stuff you can't see. Changing the colors helps the human brain REALIZE that it's measurably better inside as well as novel outside. As for little improvements here and there between iOS versions... you're right... you don't notice the difference. GOOD design gets out of the way. It's intuitive enough that it disappears. Designers spend months perfecting things like accelerated scroll speeds to mimic the natural acceleration curve we're used to in nature. Copying how things move in the natural world. You don't notice it because it's familiar. Take a look at the rounded edges of the iPhone XR. You can't round the edges of an LCD like an OLED due to light bleed... so Apple could have just done what most do and just have not perfectly rounded corners or straight edges, but rather than that they added fricken aperture shutters for the rounded corners so that it matches the OLED rounded corners as a kind of hardware antialiasing. www.theverge.com/2018/10/23/18011306/apple-iphone-xr-review-camera-screen-battery-price Necessary? No of course not... but that kind of attention to detail will never be actually noticed, but it's a quality that you end up feeling. It's not a feature that "matters" just like painting the back of a cabinet doesn't "matter" as no one will see it... but it's something that you SHOULD do even if the difference isn't that perceptible. However, it's hard to sell a new feature that is so intuitive that it disappears... so you use things that don't really matter. Color. It keeps people from complaining that something feels "old" or stale... On the other hand, adding something for JUST the sake of it being new will QUICKLY date the device.
ChaosHusky 23 days ago
You're right Luke, us hardware guys are quite differently driven... lol
Decoy Rex
Decoy Rex 23 days ago
Id watch / listen to that Gaming Podcast!
Inazarab 24 days ago
I hope Linus will still do some mac related content on the main channel. As a primary apple user, I liked hearing the perspective of someone who isn't. It felt more objective to me. it's nice to hear other perspectives and not live in an echo chamber. I'm sure this guy will be great, and I look forward to what he makes, but I hope Linus, Alex, and other non-apple users will still cover some apple stuff on the main channel.
Zutraxi 24 days ago
Channel superfun remind me of Node
Guilherme Torresini
I mean, the new host of Mac Address is great, but I think you missed an opportunity for some women's representation... you only have men as hosts.
Klingon00 25 days ago
Why can't I find Floatplane when searching on Duck Duck Go? 'Floatplane', 'Floatplane Media', 'Floatplane tech' , 'Floatplane video'. None of it works to find the site. I can find Twitter and Facebook social links, and videos on youtube that mention floatplane. It seems you might have a SEO blind spot with some search engines.
Robert T
Robert T 25 days ago
I’d rather shop at a B&M store, but availability and to a lesser extent pricing (doesn’t have to be lowest) keeps me shopping a bit a Amazon. The crappy working conditions make we want to shop even less.
DuckofFail 25 days ago
Doctors also most likely can't just pop out their personal phone and start taking dictation, because it involves patient health information, which is protected.. so it makes sense that healthcare facilities would be using a standardized dictation system integrated directly with their records keeping systems.
DuckofFail 25 days ago
Linus: "What if I'm just not on my Mac at the time... I shouldn't be able to access reviews?" Glorious Leader Tim: "Then you're being a very bad consumer and we're putting you on the naughty list for using our competitor's products and thinking for yourself"
rmino08 25 days ago
Yes now make a windows only channel
DuckofFail 25 days ago
Imagine paying a premium price for medium-grade specs, just so you can be told what you should and shouldn't be allowed to do on said product... LOL Apple gtfo
JohnnysJazz 25 days ago
I am still got iPhone 6s it is nothing wrong i bought off Wish for $90 a year a go and it is got a great battery life like it stays charged no problem
Shaikan Senian
Shaikan Senian 25 days ago
And what you will do ? Comercial advertiser or You will try to fix something at the price at one new MAC 🤣😂
Mon Deus Ex
Mon Deus Ex 25 days ago
Yeah linus but you becoming arrogant in your chipmunk screaming as well
Mon Deus Ex
Mon Deus Ex 25 days ago
Luke ability is laugh and agree. because he has no brain
Addison Cooke
Addison Cooke 25 days ago
If I remember correctly, the whole "You can have it in any colour, as long as it's black" was in response to high demand or something, soo many people wanted them that they massively streamlined the production process, similar to the new shape Jimny.
Steven Grey
Steven Grey 25 days ago
SHUT UP! NVIDIA finally will allow Geforce cards to associate with Virtual Machines without asinine workarounds? That is only happening because The Radeon 6000 series decided to go first. Competition is Great. Thank you AMD.
Volts PC
Volts PC 26 days ago
$99 a year when I order atleast one item a day is alot cheeper than getting one item a day and then paying $10 for ground or $15 for 3 day per item, Prime pays for itself in a few weeks, plus the video service is actually okay
Volts PC
Volts PC 26 days ago
People already have MKBHD and Ijustiene, we need an anthony hosted mac deep dive channel, your going the wrong way here, we need less mainstream, not more
Mariusz Malyszko
Mariusz Malyszko 26 days ago
Hey Linus. Since were talking about light switches, and not feeling the tactile function in them, try the TP-Link Smart switches. I honestly like them, they have a tactile feel to them and they have a 24/7 glowing LED built in so you can see it in the dark.
8oasty 26 days ago
Prime in the UK = Free same day delivery, well worth it
captainzero 26 days ago
Love the long shows!
Shaun Beefhammer
Shaun Beefhammer 26 days ago
Amazon is a pretty terrible company internally for its employees, but I have to say they're pretty damn prosumer. They do an outstanding job protecting consumers from companies looking to turn a quick buck with an insane return policy that I have not seen matched to this day. Yes the return policy absolutely can be and does get abused by consumers at times, but for the most part its a great platform to reach customers iffy about products. For example I recently bought a battery pack for a VR headset; I wish it was available on Amazon. I ended having to pay 20 dollars for shipping, and had to wait a good 2-4 weeks before it even shipped out. Sure the price may have been more if it where on Amazon, but backed with the exceptional return policy and advanced replacement if anything was wrong with the product would have been amazing. I felt like I was left in the dark after the purchase. The products great, but the service was sub-par. This just doesn't happen on Amazon. Its almost like Amazon is holding companies that sell and use their fulfillment services accountable to the consumers, and in return good companies float to the top and have phenomenal sales without worrying about logistics. Now there is a course a lot of problems such as fake reviews, products being ripped off, etc. Though overall its a really great experience for most consumers.
Bound4Earth 26 days ago
Does Luke not buy 10 items or more yearly? Because any other website is 5-10 for 3-5 day shipping on anything? So either he never shops or is in denial? You can argue the costs of working of Amazon are mush higher, but to also pretend that anyone would not jump at the chance because your margins might be smaller, but your profits, quite literally soar, compared to most other avenues online. Ignorance is not always bliss. It is like arguing that you should not release on iOS devices because 30% tax applied, even if no one else applied the same tax, which Google and Steam do for most, you would be a fool to pretend you benefit from ignoring Apple devices. They bring in more money because there are more fools on Apple devices period...
whiteandnerdytuba 26 days ago
Never heard of pax. Who cares what goes on there. Intel still number 1
Destiny kevin
Destiny kevin 27 days ago
I won't run my own server because living space here is expensive and area per price of the space the server will occupy in my home will cost 5 times as much as the server itself, at least. I aint have space for that yo
aaron.gormley 27 days ago
Oddly enough, the people calling Apple owners sheep, are sheep. The irony
I trigger people
I trigger people 25 days ago
shush sheep, noone asked
mxrio 27 days ago
I don't know if this is a topic that matters to you guys, but I think it could be interesting: Some German streamers that have more than 20.000 average viewers have to sign a contract with the state (Rundfunklizenz) so that they can continue streaming because the state views them as a TV channel from a legal point of view. That would restict them in their content (games allowed at the age of 18 for instance could only be streamed after 10 P.M. if I recall correctly). Some have already gotten a so called Rundfunklizenz like Pietsmiet or Gronkh. The arguably most influencial and largest German streamer at the moment has just gotten the notification that he would have to sign said contract (Montanablack is his name). Now I know this probably isn't really important to you, but it is an interesting topic non the less, especially the outdated Rundfunklizenz that was drawn up in the 80s.
平和 27 days ago
This show is everything.
Jako1987 27 days ago
Maybe if we shout AvE he could hear and reach Linus. Aaaaaavvvveeeeee!
85RChester 27 days ago
Doctors use Nuance Dragon Medical One they tailor the medical terminology to the specific practice, and it is now all cloud based for most hospitals.
The BC Jungle
The BC Jungle 27 days ago
Its called planned obsolesce when you change a product on purpose to drive sales
Mark Fowler
Mark Fowler 27 days ago
Yeah, fuck Apple. Linux for life!
Raxcental Ruthenta
Raxcental Ruthenta 27 days ago
It's not that Im an android fan boy. It's that I think Apple is a terrible company.
Sandra Payne
Sandra Payne 27 days ago
Does this mean we will no longer have to suffer thru Apple reviews on the main channel anymore? Cause that would be awesome if so
olipitt12 27 days ago
I still think on the topic of home automation the idea of the shelly relays is the best idea, you can use your normal light switch, just linked to the relay, gives you all sorts of possibilities, with but you can then use the state of it to control other lights, or control them with the switch as well as wifi, does make me sad that so much of the smart home stuff is absolute crap
I trigger people
I trigger people 27 days ago
linux channel when
CommunistGoogleParty Bolshevik
as a former Amazon fullfillment center employee in Arizona ... everything negative about Amazon is totally true. They do all that and more that no one even knows about. Stop using Amazon ... they are SATAN
Jon A
Jon A 27 days ago
prime is for convenient shopping auto reorder people who actually buy household products Luke is the type who probably buys cheapest paper products aka toiletries. using the streaming service with shopping its ok deal. Amazon are big tech bullies like all the rest and their not going anywhere
LegendCat 6
LegendCat 6 27 days ago
Yeah, but, I watch amazon prime video more so than free shipping.....
Jon A
Jon A 27 days ago
Apple slave labor in China,India what about that dingdong
Haczko RV
Haczko RV 27 days ago
Would you considers buying access to tf2 music for meet the team videos?
Skyperx 27 days ago
Thelonious Breskin
Thelonious Breskin 27 days ago
The linus whines about shitty design show.
Stay Hydrated
Stay Hydrated 27 days ago
Locke: Favorite character, hands down.
TheMelbournelad 27 days ago
Went Is iJustine being acquired 😝
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson 28 days ago
LTU - Linus Tech University! Let's make it happen.
TevisC 28 days ago
The LTT Circle background would make a better mouse pad
frenchiveruti 28 days ago
Right to repair
Matt Blatchley
Matt Blatchley 28 days ago
NOT sucking up...but you have been UNBELIEVABLY fair and balanced regrading Apple...FAR MORE than I could ever be...
Matt Blatchley
Matt Blatchley 28 days ago
appropriate looking KNOB to cover apple
Matt Blatchley
Matt Blatchley 28 days ago
if I were in your place I'd use ALL of my influence to TANK their stock...
Common Raccoon
Common Raccoon 28 days ago
38:00 Europe Here,Amazon is the only viable shipment/store you can order stuff from. And its often cheaper by a lot compared to when actually importing. Plus its within a week, other shipment options are 3-5 weeks and if ordering off Banggood/Ali/Taobao then its up to 5 months of waiting, for something you could get off amazon just 3-5 $ more expensive.... And no, the local electronics reseller is the same stupid prices as amazon, if not more. Like PC cases, 120$ amazon import. Local 220$
Júlio Queiroz
Júlio Queiroz 28 days ago
:( lost my opportunity. Still liked the episode! Thanks Guys!
shockle28 28 days ago
Who cares? You have like 10 channels! A channel where you defend more ridiculously overpriced Apple products doesn't sound exciting. Don't forget you defended the Apple DESKTOP wheels smh
Nicolas Peter
Nicolas Peter 28 days ago
Remember when LTT was a tech channel instead of a merch channel. You talked about fluff channels, take a step back and think about how much content was actually in this video vs how long it was.
Zac The biker
Zac The biker 27 days ago
This is a podcast, not a video
Timestatic 28 days ago
You guys said channel super fun almost became Gaming. Honestly I would love to see a Gaming channel from you guys I wouldn’t mind another LMG channel to watch
Timestatic 28 days ago
Can you guys do a less mainstream and just a really nerdy stuff with in depth descriptions and information about stuff on a second channel
grimtides 28 days ago
For the metalic taste a Bit of white vinegar and like 10 rinses does it
QuantumS1ngularity 28 days ago
Linus starting a MAC channel is like Musk starting an ICE car manufacturing.
Timestatic 28 days ago
I feel kinda split about the Epic Apple lawsuite. Sure you bought the device so you should be allowed to do with it with whatever you want but you bought yourself into this restricted ecosystem you knew from the start it was gonna be restricted. If they were to add it out of nowhere I would find it fair but since you bought the device that way you kinda are expected for it to be so restricted.
Dylan S
Dylan S 28 days ago
Luke - I find Amazon search to be horrible! I just do not understand why you would think it is amazing.
Timestatic 28 days ago
You’re telling me that the ABC of Gaming resellers shipping pice of $15 is ridiculous meanwhile you charge over $20 shipping to Europe
jjolmyun 28 days ago
new guy looks like adam driver lol
Nano 28 days ago
Time to make a Windows Vista channel now
Mutant Baby
Mutant Baby 28 days ago
Lol Mac Address sounds like a networking channel.
M4rtyman 28 days ago
OK - Linus may not, but I am not too proud to admit ... I HATE APPLE!
Mostly Nobody
Mostly Nobody 28 days ago
LMG is becoming more corporate-like by the day. They (probably mostly Linus) found a way to increase their subscriber base (likely saw a plateau in the overall numbers across channels) by reeling-in Apple/Mac community with an Apple/Mac-specific channel. This is a pragmatic and clever decision. I imagine lots of prides and egos (among other things) were being swallowed. Lets just hope it doesn't backfire and cause alienation. The Internet-Hivemind is fickle after all.
jagz888 28 days ago
Linus crypto mining channel incoming!
Gustavo Noronha
Gustavo Noronha 28 days ago
Please make a clip of the discussion that starts at 14:49 into a new video so I can link to people and explain why me being a Warcraft/Tolkien/Linux/Gnome/Rust/UX/Affordance nerd doesn't mean I know how to use GMail.
Gustavo Noronha
Gustavo Noronha 28 days ago
Or at 18:52 whatever, if you want to make it smaller, I think that's where the more meaty part of the discussion happens hah
Antony C
Antony C 28 days ago
For scrapyard wars why not hire someone to pick up used parts?
Dmeist 28 days ago
Hearing Luke complain about non screen based touch controls reminded me of this: us-first.info/player/video/nJWjlqNnoHqLrJc.html