I Sent Corridor Digital the WORST VFX Workstation 

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Photoshop has been around for so long that it’s synonymous with photo editing - So much so that Corridor Digital thinks they can do it with ANY version. Let's put that to the test...
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link: us-first.info/player/video/hrCbq6R4hWiei4k.html
iTunes Download Link: itunes.apple.com/us/album/supernova/id936805712
Artist Link: soundcloud.com/laszlomusic
Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High us-first.info
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/mj6pHk4
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE

Science & Technology

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Apr 14, 2021




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Comments 100   
Corridor Crew
Corridor Crew Month ago
“Hey guys, the Linus team sent us a VFX workstation!” “Oh wow, it must be super fast!” “Uh...” Thanks for transporting us back to our childhoods and helping us appreciate where we came from. Loved collabing with you guys!
fourtrifiveO 27 days ago
Baxi Tabaxi
Baxi Tabaxi Month ago
Is that a floppy drive yes thats the save button
satyanarayan debbarma
Jaydev Raol
Jaydev Raol Month ago
It’s AFF
It’s AFF Month ago
Poggers cheese
Gaurav Singh
Gaurav Singh 10 hours ago
sarah butt!? wtf
R D 3 days ago
Do the boxers include a sock?
psycronizer 3 days ago
Not at all interested in this childish shit...13.4 M subs is enough..you don't need to try and appeal to the ten year olds out there
LancerZ 420
LancerZ 420 3 days ago
As a Graphic Designer, this looks like what hell will be for me.
CED99 4 days ago
ManFred TheLast
ManFred TheLast 5 days ago
Sarah is significantly younger than I thought she was...
Rubens Ozorio Leao
Hahahah this is acctually a pretty sweet colab!
psycronizer 6 days ago
that video pic is like some weird gay chadenfrauder nightmare...
Games With Bob
Games With Bob 6 days ago
I bet $5 that Sarah got hired for her last name
tmzilla 6 days ago
https was a mistake
TheGabbaghost 7 days ago
EVERYTHING... besides one little tiny detail is great! If you shipped "this" Screen, working on that machine is far too easy. Good old CTR-displays where moody and had nothing close to the contrast, that is todays standard.
Andrew Trumper
Andrew Trumper 7 days ago
The resolution of the original mac was 512X342! 512X384 was the resolution of the 12" display. I know this because I owned one and would show off my ability to display the title bar of windows in Hypercard which had a default card size of 512X342... I can also remember that I could display 256 colors on my 12" but I could only get 16 colors on a 640X480 display. Man, those were fun days.
Shin m0h
Shin m0h 8 days ago
15:50 Cursed image right there! XD
Warren Garabrandt
You guys should have used that logo for your mac channel. That thing was hideous, but it was a work of art, and created on authentic, classic hardware.
Alex Lee
Alex Lee 9 days ago
OK, MS Paint is better than this old version of Adobe.
Numberless Oats
Numberless Oats 9 days ago
Drew 9 days ago
Me being born in 2003 and using floppies in school.
Uruziel 9 days ago
22:36 why Did you put Unsubscripe on LTT logo in video? I literally unsubscribed after about 10 years pf subscription because i wanted to pause video and 'subscribe' poped out on this section. Come on...
Uruziel 9 days ago
17:47 i Literally found that in my basement few weeks ago and I had no idea what these dip switches were for, lol the more you know
Jesse Johnson
Jesse Johnson 9 days ago
I love these legacy machine videos! I would love to see something on the PS/1! The water analysis lab I work for has an old PS/1 to control an ancient lead-graphite furnace for atomic absorption that we no longer use.
The Shadowman
The Shadowman 9 days ago
sad linus ;(
Darrell Collins
Darrell Collins 9 days ago
Doing a Michaael Jackson portrait?
482lost 9 days ago
Future video idea. Fixing the power supply of that Mac.
Jackson Taylor
Jackson Taylor 9 days ago
16:26 is the best Ugly Christmas Sweater shot ever
Jackson Taylor
Jackson Taylor 9 days ago
"3D-printed save icons" would have been a way better joke for Madison
jarnoob 9 days ago
"resume from where you left off, windows didn't have that until few years ago" Linus, you forgot win 95? it did have it. It did not work properly...
The Obnoxious Geek
The Obnoxious Geek 10 days ago
I would actually buy Sad Liuns / Happy lunis as a shit. And I am partucilarly pretentios about the shirts I buy >
Fluidacid 10 days ago
Still better than my pc
Demetrius Kai Gonzalez
This is a colossal upgrade from my school laptop, just saying
K.o.R 12 days ago
5:30 *hits Enter to open file but, because this is a fucking Mac, Enter is Rename, because that totally makes sense!*
Sky Creation
Sky Creation 12 days ago
martixy 13 days ago
The fact that modern hardware can be backwards compatible with stuff from an era no one knew what they were doing is mind-blowing to me.
ViralGrenade 15 days ago
bored cat
bored cat 17 days ago
I was is she like 15?? Cuse she never seen a balled mouse... Then she said she actually is a 90's kid... Then i remembered they are americans... I think 10year olds there think of 3d tvs and hdtvs 1080p tvs as 1800s tech...
Shaurya Awashti
Shaurya Awashti 17 days ago
Shaurya Awashti
Shaurya Awashti 17 days ago
Even this works better than my pc😔
I had one of these but someone stole it
Laser Space Ninja
Laser Space Ninja 20 days ago
I would totally by a shirt made in photoshop one...that looked so Brooklyn hipster
Leonardus L
Leonardus L 21 day ago
You should do a video where you make your editors try to edit a video using Windows Movie Maker 6
tsection0123 21 day ago
Please add the sound effect of us-first.info/player/video/pt6gqmlpgmVip58.html at 13:28, just when zooming in.
Edward.L.H 21 day ago
We do be lil trollin
snipe3687 21 day ago
Linus should make a retro tech channel similar to LGR or the 8-bit-guy. i would totally watch that.
kchorro2012 21 day ago
Now all that's left is the ultimate challenge: hacking into CERN's database with an IBM 5100.
Kalabalik 22 days ago
PS 1.0 didn't have layers? That's rough.
ayaan haryani
ayaan haryani 22 days ago
Joker linus
Paul Hindt
Paul Hindt 23 days ago
Use point filtering in OBS on your screen capture source if you want to maintain a more period-accurate depiction of chonky pixelz (i.e. the Photoship checkboard background).
Rafael Cruz
Rafael Cruz 24 days ago
0:48 vegas1.0.exe
Qimodis 24 days ago
it certainly looks like something
Qimodis 24 days ago
6:24 the dithering makes it look better
Sanjuro Makabe
Sanjuro Makabe 24 days ago
Alephone for marathon fans
W. L.
W. L. 24 days ago
Saw the corridor video... did not like their ‘ style “ of video. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Nick Gamer
Nick Gamer 24 days ago
Wait we are using photoshop in minecraft!!!????
Rickasheye Labs
Rickasheye Labs 24 days ago
the worst vfx station must be like a commodore 64 trying to raytrace... on the cpu... yes it probs would take hours to create a low coloured image representation of a single raytraced sphere.
prolétaire 24 days ago
Wow. This was one of the best videos in a long time.
Chance Ollerich
Chance Ollerich 24 days ago
If this man says “it just works” in another video. I’ll be truly convinced he’s Todd Howard.
Daniel Laterza
Daniel Laterza 24 days ago
The Oregon Trail !!! fuck yes !!!!!!!!! the nostalgia, thank you
Dorian Ortega
Dorian Ortega 25 days ago
MMike08 25 days ago
"I wanna get spectre" XD
Nate's Random Videos
She doesn’t chooch so good.
Ronin Badger
Ronin Badger 25 days ago
I remember when They added layers to Photoshop. It was a game changer.
Ronin Badger
Ronin Badger 25 days ago
Aleph one is Greatness.
alex miranda
alex miranda 25 days ago
Frogfind is good for old computers it's a website/search engine
Anton Roos
Anton Roos 25 days ago
I pressed F and then it went fullscreen...
David Mwayi
David Mwayi 25 days ago
It has been so long since I heard the word Kilobyte it took me a full minute to register thats a unit for measuring data
Anita Ana
Anita Ana 25 days ago
Mrs sasha is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy,...
Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper 25 days ago
When someone is straight forward and good at what he or she does, people will always speak for them, for me I would say give Mrs sashe of financial education a try and you be happy you did
Charlie Camilo
Charlie Camilo 25 days ago
Anyone who she handles he's or her trade for I believe is so lucky
Buhari Abdullahi
Buhari Abdullahi 25 days ago
Wow I can brag about this... Mrs sasha has managed my account in such a way wining is the only standard I know
Jessy susan
Jessy susan 25 days ago
Mrs sasha has brought me out of the wrenches and to a better living through trading options, I encourage newbies to trade with her
Hannah 25 days ago
13th wining thanks to Mrs sasha. She's really the best, I've made a lot
Greg Bonnier
Greg Bonnier 26 days ago
11:02 I offer 5$ for this NFT.
Desmaad 26 days ago
I grew up with an LC475.
Showsky 26 days ago
The difference between Apple and Windows Early was really the difference in design between a narcesist and someone with high functioning Asperger's
Idlan Amran
Idlan Amran 27 days ago
"That is super cool" somehow I thought of Dani
skye genet
skye genet 27 days ago
horrifying, i like it
Rocket Moose
Rocket Moose 27 days ago
14:30 Band name: Linus and the Tech Tips
Lymer 27 days ago
Was there actually only 1 undo state? I know Antony said "you undo and you redo" - but this is a setting I've seen some people use on modern PS, and to go past the first undo, you have to hit CTRL + SHIFT + Z or CTRL + ALT + Z (I forget which - plus maybe different on a Mac)
cardboardsnail 27 days ago
Looking forward to that Sad Linus album! lol
RedEyeRaza 27 days ago
So is Aprime back with LTT?
AIDEN Marietti
AIDEN Marietti 27 days ago
that needs to go on a shirt
Taurick 27 days ago
Highlight of the video: Sarah inadvertently creating a top-tier meme using OG photoshop
Collin Black
Collin Black 27 days ago
edrew 99
edrew 99 28 days ago
15:59 That is cursed af 😂. Great job Sarah!
charles Remy
charles Remy 28 days ago
There is some NFT's to be done here !
Oliver Kissevich
Oliver Kissevich 28 days ago
Hey guys I need some help with my pc! I have a 3080 and 5800x, when I load into warzone my game lags heavily. When I try to run apex my computer completely restarts and sometimes in warzone aswell. I have updated drivers and still no change. Any suggestions?
Dennis 28 days ago
So evil i love it haha
eliot ortiz
eliot ortiz 28 days ago
These images after everything feels like fever dream dream monsterz...
Raxis 28 days ago
the magic smoke on the mac 2 power supply is a RIFA X1 cap that always goes bad from age(they literally blow on every old mac after a certain amount of time running them after a certain age), you can get the same value replacement non RIFA brand X1 type cap(check value on old one, or see adrians digital basement vids for values for each mac) for about $1 or less, and its two large legs to solder it in. don't buy another power supply, its a super easy fix
Boris Dreyer
Boris Dreyer 28 days ago
I had the original Macintosh LC from new when I was 12 years old and have also used the first Photoshop
Voogle 28 days ago
The plural of linus is lini
dsfgh zxc
dsfgh zxc 28 days ago
cdi... i think i used to like playing a few of those at my grandparent's house
yadaroni 28 days ago
We didn't rely on "undo state" back then. We saved as we went and if we messed up we would load the previous save. It really wasn't that hard. You just got used to saving every 5 minutes so you never lost more than 5 minutes if editing. Once every 30-60 minutes we would save and backup save. Floppy disks were allot more reliable than you made it sound. You have it saved on the computer and you backed up on disk. As long as you stay away from magnets it's very unlikely to be lost. There were also high capacity 3.5 floppies that were very dependable.
Deathshaker 00
Deathshaker 00 28 days ago
Ok now I understand. lolz
Jeremy Neish
Jeremy Neish 28 days ago
That machine did not pre-date QuickTime, QuickTime 1.0 was 1991. But it certainly pre-dated quicktime player as a screen recorder.
Jason 29 days ago
It said 1.0.7. Just saying
OneRingRuler 29 days ago
Lad Sinus
Gabriel Rodrigues
Gabriel Rodrigues 29 days ago
index.tutorial 29 days ago
Sam and Niko's nightmares come true
Dj Auqland
Dj Auqland 29 days ago
Linus: its hard to make Videos also Linus: uploading a Video every day
Chuck Anderson
Chuck Anderson 29 days ago
Can't wait for Linus to produce a whole show on a NewTek Video Toaster
Dj Auqland
Dj Auqland 29 days ago
4:05 that looks so sad,,,,
Klex 29 days ago
You should have used stunnel to access https sites with the old browser! :D
Flora 29 days ago
oh man i wish i could be friends with anthony
Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis 29 days ago
Now we just hope that LTT and Corridor Crew collab with regard to backups & storage. Corridor Crew's current solution scares me