I turned my Diamond Play Button into a Gaming PC 

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We put a PC into our Diamond Play Button - and it's sooooo sick... and of course also a bit janky.
Even more machining footage! us-first.info/player/video/qL6ZfW6pZoaMqZc.html
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
Video Link: us-first.info/player/video/hrCbq6R4hWiei4k.html
iTunes Download Link: itunes.apple.com/us/album/supernova/id936805712
Artist Link: soundcloud.com/laszlomusic
Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High us-first.info
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/mj6pHk4
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE

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Apr 8, 2021




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Comments 100   
David Fann
David Fann 34 minutes ago
He said "Check out that IO David" and i was like "yeah pretty sick"
Night Wolf Gaming YT CFM
Can it handle gta3?
Soy 5 hours ago
Next video turning the US-first play button case into a pc
DavidKingNT 23 hours ago
Others: destroy the YT button to get (dis)likes Linus: create a gaming PC Using his diamond YT button just to say "it is possible" and "thanks for the suscribers"
The weird show
0:11 "420k 69"
Ryan Day ago
I have 2 friends...So just 999,997 to go then.
Gourav Sharma
This is the best 10M subscriber appreciation video!!!
ghijk! Day ago
You seemed so stoked to get into this project at the beginning it was nice to see
JoeAnimates 18 hours ago
Ikr? That’s why I love his content 😭
Nathan Whitton
Now turn one of the other play buttons into an external graphics card housing
Zack Playz Roblox
Me be like: isn't that guy from the honey ads? Him: so you have noticed me?
Marmite man
Marmite man Day ago
are you in a honey ad?
Time Traveler
tfw you realize making this is infinitely harder than free publicly available software to shape out the receiver of an m16
Time Traveler
solder troubles? *LAUGHS IN WELDING*
Prayag Mahuvagara
Dude, I want that..🤯🥵
A Dog
A Dog 2 days ago
Wait... no fans 😐
Fesix 2 days ago
maybe the button is not reflective for every light/wave length
Ethan 2 days ago
Anyone else get high and watch this guy
Jr Junior
Jr Junior 2 days ago
Linus is a big boss man, he don’t need to know about engineer specifics
Jr Junior
Jr Junior 2 days ago
That’s why he pay people
Jorge Martinez
Jorge Martinez 2 days ago
You paint the freaking thing, to scan it! Or, you "fill" it with Sharpie dots. It does work! ;-)
Francisca Lima da silva
Muito bom sò icritam
AGGELOS BG 3 days ago
This is better than my laptop lol
Ahmed Ellban
Ahmed Ellban 4 days ago
Rambo 4 days ago
Wy not Ryzen 5700G ?!!!!!
Crysishero 4 days ago
I havent built a pc since 2012. Btw linus ur mic is broken! You can really tell at @15:31
saikrishna jampuram
LTT mini Diamond
gatoors 4 days ago
Hi guys do you know how to remove the metal thing in the MSI MS-6681 that covers half the unit? I cant seem to find a way on how to remove it and I cant access the other parts of the motherboard, I searched online but I find nothing because this model is so old.
Rutujeet Nayak
Rutujeet Nayak 4 days ago
actually US-first should've made this custom playbutton and given it to linus when he hit 10M
Riokye Live Streams
15 Second Unskippable Add
MarcusTheGamer 4 days ago
at 15:10 what is that funky chunky song? absolute vibe
Milk Bucket
Milk Bucket 4 days ago
I want one...
Jaime Caballero
Jaime Caballero 4 days ago
Why r u wearing masks lol
Schay Dragneel
Schay Dragneel 5 days ago
That's pretty bad ass. Literally my pc itself was going at 4.1 GHz watching this video.
Jeffrey Nicholas
Jeffrey Nicholas 5 days ago
greet from Indonesia, i have a question abt PSU, i recently bought a new 750w full modular psu from be quiet to replace my old psu. after that, i brought my pc to nearest shop to ask them to change my psu, but the shop told me that after they swap the psu, the psu goes on off again and again, when they swap te psu back to my old psu and another psu, the pc going normal like nothing happens. so seeing that problem i ship my psu back to the shop that i bought the psu ( i bought the psu online from the famous pc parts shop in my country ), they test the psu with their testbench and it works, they even send me the video that proof my psu is alright, i don’t the problem. so is there any solution u can give me, thank u, really appreciate your content and great job 👍👍
Jeffrey Nicholas
Jeffrey Nicholas 5 days ago
i dont know the problem*
Gerardo Villarreal
what's funny is that before intel would always sponsor linus but after they proved AMD was better than intel they stopped .;)
Dylan 5 days ago
Would be sweet to put an M1 Mac Mini in there
Jack Miller
Jack Miller 5 days ago
Linus, why. You said Vinsero. It's pronounced Vinchero.
ANAK JALANAN FC 5 days ago
Good luck 🙏
bordam 5 days ago
you can go anywhere with that pc
Jay Drysdale
Jay Drysdale 5 days ago
soldering soldering so daring Sagarin lols. Well done chap .
AutisticDiablo 5 days ago
Wow that’s such a rare thing . That’s such a flex lo l
StrangeLion210 6 days ago
All you had to do to 3D scan the play button is spray it with a matte, easily removeable, black paint.
TheImmortalDRACY 6 days ago
did anyone else realize in the beginning of this video the views only said 69's
MikalofDuty 6 days ago
the definition of 1of1
GPCrafty 6 days ago
I wonder what its limitations are?
Tolongin Makan
Tolongin Makan 6 days ago
anyone want bid that diamond play button CPU?
Ferri Goma
Ferri Goma 6 days ago
He's rightt... Getting a diamond play button is simple.. it aint easy doe
Person Man
Person Man 6 days ago
So this is the guy Meatcanyon parodied. Very accurate. Like
мєтн 6 days ago
you WHAT
Jake Pierrelee
Jake Pierrelee 6 days ago
anyone know what that white mouse he was using at the end was? 16:17
KLTechNerd 6 days ago
I love that he did this pc.
Micks-P-Aviation 7 days ago
This is so cool ive. Ive been saving up money every moneth and im buying pc components one for one. Hopefully ill have enough cash by the end of the year. So far i have the case😂 motherboard and power supply. Wish me luck
Vyper Chexx
Vyper Chexx 7 days ago
You can tell he’s so excited about this from the intro 😂
hntr 7 days ago
the dickie roberts quote haha
Richard Kasoian
Richard Kasoian 7 days ago
Mr beast
Richard Kasoian
Richard Kasoian 7 days ago
Richard Kasoian
Richard Kasoian 7 days ago
Richard Kasoian
Richard Kasoian 7 days ago
Me beast
Kunaal Verma
Kunaal Verma 7 days ago
Would love to see a pedastal/external GPU update for this build. Well done!
PurpleOre123 7 days ago
i dont understand anything he says in this video except for two things, gaming pc, and wifi
jojojorisjhjosef 7 days ago
I liked this and then 5 min in I retracted my like.
PepitoMLG 7 days ago
April : 10M subscribers May : 13M subscribers If the growth is exponential, I say 20M at the end of the year 😅
__________ Music and Lyrics
Ugli lol
Ramadhan Ibrahim
Ramadhan Ibrahim 7 days ago
Damn you look like jesus 🤣
Tekeon 7 days ago
MillionaireMango 7 days ago
next you know he is making a pc powered from potatos!!!
Linbin Chen
Linbin Chen 8 days ago
Use the diamond triangle as the power-on button.
Hadwin 8 days ago
Very cool.
none yabusiness
none yabusiness 8 days ago
I don’t understand the clear virtue signaling with the masks. On then off then on then off then on. we all know you ain’t wearing off camera
Devil Zin
Devil Zin 8 days ago
I also want this one on my desk...it is freaking awesome ,dude this pc u build i got no words to say.... Its amazing... I like that and i want to watch more videos of you like this amazing cuatom tech u made... And congratulations
NoChillGene 8 days ago
10:29 That's what he said 10:33 that's what she said
slimee 8 days ago
U should do Clone Trooper pc from STARWARS!!!
Adam Brkich
Adam Brkich 8 days ago
im not surprised that there is rgb.
NITRO GAMING 8 days ago
Turn my underwear into gaming pc😂😂
dingley _2005
dingley _2005 8 days ago
Should have make the diamond play button the power switch
Christopher Campbell
I turned my toilet into a gaming PC!
Synthh 8 days ago
"sauter" It has an L in it... Solder Like, Soldier SOLDER
Korin Turner
Korin Turner 8 days ago
You could mount that on a wall and it would fit so well
Aaron Jessome
Aaron Jessome 8 days ago
Linus broke the jewel
Tatum Posey
Tatum Posey 9 days ago
now THIS is poggers
Zipeng Li
Zipeng Li 9 days ago
0:09 The view and like numbers
Little Panda Forex
Make a short note to +1==4==0==4==9==0==8==0====2==2==6 on w*h*a*t*s*a*p**.
Polonium Games
Polonium Games 9 days ago
Were is game tests on this pc?
Alexander Hill
Alexander Hill 9 days ago
Shiny on the outside. Jank on the outside. YEP that's an LTT build alright. xD
Phoenix 9 days ago
"Linus Tech Tips: 10.000.000 Subscriber special" : 10.000.000 product placements
Towsif Naba
Towsif Naba 9 days ago
When a play button is faster than your pc 🙂
Little Panda Forex
Make a short note to +1==4==0==4==9==0==8==0====2==2==6 on w*h*a*t*s*a*p**.
MAYOR PLAYZ 9 days ago
i like it but would had liked if you place the power button on the glowing play sibol
pause1x 9 days ago
Linus wheres ur mask
ASmallGreenBean 9 days ago
Haha the crack in the Diamond makes it even more "Linus"-Custom! 💎😂
Carter Bevis
Carter Bevis 9 days ago
dat voice crack at 3:58. I was dying
Learn Your Reps
Learn Your Reps 10 days ago
Damn this comp way better than mine
Smoochiefly 10 days ago
it would be sick if the youtube logo was the power button
Brotato Amv's
Brotato Amv's 10 days ago
part 2?
Jason59k 10 days ago
the ultimate flex
shak1ification 10 days ago
whats sauuder? do you mean perhaps SOLDER?..... pfft americans.... lol
zouaghi ahmed
zouaghi ahmed 10 days ago
I want a pc :((
Felix Cat
Felix Cat 10 days ago
why don't you electroplate the backplate with copper and then chrome?
Osama_ 10 days ago
like for the rgb
Aki San
Aki San 10 days ago
they have a giant shiny diamond... you could press... and they went for a flimsy button on the back...
Gamer GaminG
Gamer GaminG 10 days ago
are u kane Williamson 😂?
Haneesh kenny
Haneesh kenny 10 days ago
10:29 *That's what she said*
FlynnTheRedhead 10 days ago
7:12 You cover it in something non reflective?