Maybe Building Your Own PC is a BAD Idea 

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PC Secret Shopper returns - with a twist. In this episode, Agent Sarah investigates the experience of building a computer herself with the help of PCPartPicker to determine whether it's better to buy a pre-built PC, or DIY.
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Apr 6, 2021




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Comments 99   
WiiTCHY22 Hour ago
her reaction at the end is very similar to mine when I finished my first build
Jesse W.
Jesse W. 3 hours ago
Hell, it's worth it just buying a gaming laptop at this point or a console, sadly. 750 for a 16XX GPU is ridiculous.
Carla Ramos
Carla Ramos 3 hours ago
This is insulting in all the ways. Is not that difficult oh my god. Im building my pc right now... Just be sure everything is compatible and dont buy stupid rgbs and go UHD until graphic cards market goes to normal again. Great job putting a woman so it can feed stereotypes.
Damiinfi Zero
Damiinfi Zero 4 hours ago
this will give you pds pls help me I cant aleep
Ryan Vetter
Ryan Vetter 5 hours ago
This is adorable. This is like watching my sister try to build a computer.
Ryan Vetter
Ryan Vetter 5 hours ago
Its like watching my sister try to do anything that's not a personal hobby of hers.
Miguel Waide
Miguel Waide 7 hours ago
lol @ the mrbeast ad I just got here. His mom saved $200 on 3 $200 jackets with a coupon. If you're paying $600 for multiple jackets at one time, you don't care about $200.
mkedzier123 13 hours ago
Hilarious video! Linus's reactions are priceless.
John Mclaughlin
John Mclaughlin 13 hours ago
I’m tearing my hair out trying to figure all this out it’s take a lot of fun out of it I know I want high total power I don’t want a clam
John Mclaughlin
John Mclaughlin 13 hours ago
Can you help me get a laptop so I don’t over spend I want 1440 ish ultra setting 60plus fps
Icy Stalin
Icy Stalin 19 hours ago
I watched this in Pain
DarkMaja 23 hours ago
This is bad for my mental health *facepalm*
A Standefer
A Standefer 23 hours ago
John Travoltas female clone didn't do too bad
dwelfusius Day ago
25:12 is golden
dwelfusius Day ago
no one: ... sarah: keps touching the thermal paste :|
D Jam
D Jam Day ago
o yea its fun to build a computer..when you have no worrie about the price you paid for something that you could completely fuck up in the process.
Renjie Xi
Renjie Xi Day ago
The problem is, the motherboard Sarah chose is just a failure...…Motherboard is sometimes the hardest part to pick correctly: there's no need to buy a top one, the mid-tier ones may vary a lot from each other, and it's just impossible for an amateur to completely understand his/her requirements and pick up the right motherboard without enough knowledge, time and effort into this area. That's one of the reasons I like motherboards best among all pc parts, but they are just a pain in the ass for new beginners.
Tim Csmedic216
3 points for the phrase "Metal Doingy..."
Jtyh 3322
Jtyh 3322 Day ago
anyone know where is the video?
Time Traveler
linus... she ducktaped you out of business.... its over... shes the new master.
이주연 Day ago
LMG is the only company where you can call your boss a dinosaur and still not get fired.
AtlasFox Day ago
SwanOfLove Day ago
I've never built a pc, but this gives an uncertain an uncomfortable aura
Ham Day ago
My 3080 is sitting in a $50 case.. I thoughtfully setup my fans and glad I didn't waste money on a case!
Acid Poptarts
Acid Poptarts 2 days ago
PCuser0137 2 days ago
scary af but tbh she nailed it
dave ladd
dave ladd 2 days ago
Talk about throwing a non swimmer in the deep end of the pool.... you did great Sarah..I enjoyed this video. I'm about to get the parts for my first build in 10 years.. and I too have gone back and forth on buy vs build.. all the pre-built ones seem to have reduced feature mobo,s
Brian Ehmke
Brian Ehmke 2 days ago
This just made me feel smart 🤓 🤣.
Rozaline Amado
Rozaline Amado 2 days ago
This video is anxiety
Akky_ J
Akky_ J 2 days ago
soooooo i should buy a prebuilt your saying?
Chip Douglas
Chip Douglas 2 days ago
just buy a prebuild if you're this incompetent
Car Parking Multiplayer
Well it is a girl after all they’re not that good at mending things yet alone building..
Not Affiliated
Not Affiliated 2 days ago
Unless you don't need a GPU that is $1200+ right now, buying a prebuild is still better off right now I have found some deal where the GPU itself cost just as much as a prebuilt PC with that same GPU
monty a
monty a 2 days ago
I hope we get to see Sarah in future videos.. She's refreshing. bubbly...
Ivan Martinez
Ivan Martinez 2 days ago
Can Sara do one of those "simple" water cooling solutions?
Diabetic Panda
Diabetic Panda 2 days ago
The duct tape is where I completely fell in love with her 😍😂
Ali Masumi
Ali Masumi 2 days ago
This is why its forhabitet för women to drive a car in Africa. lololo
Takosu-Kun OwO
Takosu-Kun OwO 2 days ago
Her saying she gonna be gentle while she keeps shaking everything to aggressively XD
RageQueen OG
RageQueen OG 2 days ago
Soo umm if anyone's able to answer my question . Ummm I did something stupid. I got a cheap pc today plugged it up turned it on and it all worked fine then I thought ya know it'd look good in my other tower. So I took it all put it in my other tower. Looked horrible took it out put it back in its old tower plugged it up and now there's no power or no picture please help.
Jordan Smith
Jordan Smith 2 days ago
Sarah is great
Zeeo Fullbright
Zeeo Fullbright 2 days ago
I had to stop watching at the gpu part because it's giving me anxiety
Zeeo Fullbright
Zeeo Fullbright 2 days ago
She needs help please train all employees on how to build a pc
Ashutosh Pandey
Ashutosh Pandey 3 days ago
Even we had fun watching this video.
Ashutosh Pandey
Ashutosh Pandey 3 days ago
Nothing worth learning comes easy
Katrulzin 3 days ago
This is very cringe
Katrulzin 3 days ago
My top 3 CPU GPU PSU (tough between this and SSD) However, I usually already have a pretty good case that will last me multiple builds, but if I don't, then case is defo uno. Case dictates a lot of what you can even get, which affects price and compatibility but a substantial amount.
abject T
abject T 3 days ago
I feel so much better now.
Blank Blank
Blank Blank 3 days ago
Damn i'm in love
Mark Jordan
Mark Jordan 3 days ago
Entertaining in a cringe sort of way. :)
sharad alury
sharad alury 3 days ago
Need more videos with sarah building or noob building. And linus reactions live
Andre Müller
Andre Müller 3 days ago
[7:43] YOLO... you only life once. Don't think! Order now!
KuleRucket 3 days ago
Recently I bought a pre built PC for the first time in 20 years due to GPU availability. Strange year.
Josh Watt
Josh Watt 3 days ago
She could have also gone b450f and 3400g
BraxtonComix 3 days ago
Put me in a vid like this, all I'd probably need lifelines for are the wires, OS installation/BIOS and cable management lol
AzarokGame 3 days ago
loved the video, but the idea of her logic of its fun just do it is not real. she doesn't have to use that pc for the next X amount of years. she didnt spend her own $ on it etc etc. she really has no stress if she broke it all, cuz well that prob get the video more views tbh. when its your own $/time its a lot more stressful when you wiggle your gpu n break your atm 500$ extra card. n now you just dont get a pc cuz well you just broke half your budget.
Allan M.
Allan M. 4 days ago
Very funny
Daniel Teunissen
Daniel Teunissen 4 days ago
Samsung how about phones Batteries catching on fire in people pockets
Mauricio Jaureguiberry
hahahaah 13:13 to 13:25!!!! The best part of it, just sit and enjoy, then, repeat. xD
Zuhair Alawad
Zuhair Alawad 4 days ago
My god this video is pain to watch
Aramagon Gaming
Aramagon Gaming 4 days ago
I'm sorry but this is torture. i understand that shes learning find but get someone to help not to d anything but at least just in case she messes up. Ive build thousands of systems. Id scream if i saw some one doing this.
Mr Bruh
Mr Bruh 4 days ago
0:14 i dont know why but he is looking micheal modified into Logan paul Edit : this isn't a hate comment just want to say he is looking good
PleeperTheLemon 4 days ago
Alberto Hernandez
LMAOOOO I felt your pain the whole video, Linus
Matej Remšík
Matej Remšík 4 days ago
She looks like John Travolta's daughter
agileknightwing 4 days ago
Linus: is it drop proof? Sarah: is it shake proof?
Greenhusky 4 days ago
*Sarah shakes graphics card* Linus having aneurism: STOOOP
britking 5 days ago
She knew exactly what she needed in a MOBO--it had RGB. Overspend and move on... I also shop for items by prettiness. As long as you're okay with the RGB premium!
Gui Borba
Gui Borba 5 days ago
This video is adorable and infuriating at the same time. But honestly I don't know any better than Sarah.
Hazem Salama
Hazem Salama 5 days ago
7:30 my pieces 😂😂
-_ noah _-
-_ noah _- 5 days ago
sarah is going to kill me if she wiggles 1 more thing
Mike De Waal
Mike De Waal 5 days ago
linus please don't let her build again it was to painful to see :'(
Taylor 5 days ago
Linus cringing about someone else mishandling parts, like mate have you watched ur own vids :P
Rothron 5 days ago
Well done! But I think it's clear that with more help she'd gotten better parts, like NVMe storage. She was also close to having a couple of expensive accidents. This was luckily a happy ending, but an inexperienced builder could really benefit from consulting the manuals more.
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud 5 days ago
Lots more of Sarah please!
Roger Barraud
Roger Barraud 5 days ago
20-yo now: Has all the world's knowledge at their fingertips. Guesses at critical stuff. :-/
Danny B.T.G
Danny B.T.G 5 days ago
19:16 he had a seizure for a second
Kombat Chief
Kombat Chief 5 days ago
Seeing her shake everything was like hearing nails on a chalkboard but worse.
only1muppet 6 days ago
I’m gonna start shaking everything I build from now on, looks like a good technique 😂
Anti zero
Anti zero 6 days ago
This hurts my soul.
skybitscom 6 days ago
I have loved building PCs since I began doing it in the early 90s. Why? Because of having access to the parts but then after that, nobody (especially men) could take them from me or take that opportunity from me when I built one. Yes, I started with a mentor but during all of the years thereafter, I made sure to do it alone so no one could take over while I did it. I loved rebuilding it this past March as well. I didn't have a new video card this time but it works great with a new motherboard, CPU, and RAM while the older video card works just fine. No matter how anyone ever judges against me, I remain very happy to have learned all that I know, with more to come, about hardware, software, network, plus any other technologies, since the mid-1980s. The journey of learning is the most exciting one of all in life. Have fun.
Célio de Souza
Célio de Souza 6 days ago
she is cute !
Donald Eckert
Donald Eckert 6 days ago
There's no way she could have known a lot of this stuff without research. I read up on things for a month before building. Hats off to Sarah Getting a successful post.
ZENiTH 6 days ago
oh like a bad dream just can't wake up at the VGA scene ahhH :D:D
Maddox 6 days ago
I built my first PC when I was 11 years old. You can and should build your own PC, if you do just a small bit of research, search up a guide, and don't be an idiot then it is extraordinarily easy.
Jorgey88 6 days ago
Could she be more adorable??
Jonas 6 days ago
I was just wondering: Is the GTX 1050Ti still a good Graphics Card?
Matt Gabriel Banua
Change the title to how to trigger a Linus/A PC Builder
Nikita Del Rosario
too painful to watch.
Victor Gnoato
Victor Gnoato 7 days ago
i adore how she used two lifelines without actually using them
Fluffy_ray 913
Fluffy_ray 913 7 days ago
This hurts
Hector Rosillo
Hector Rosillo 7 days ago
wait whatttt 1660 is 700 bucks omg what happened to the world around us
EagerRain 66
EagerRain 66 7 days ago
Tbh if I had a Sarah building my pc I’d probably cry
prithivi rathinam
Say I am gonna be gentle with everything and shake the motherboard couple minutes later.. Legend..
prithivi rathinam
This is so satisfying for my nerd ego.. lol
Pope of Dedi
Pope of Dedi 7 days ago
The thing that actually killed me was the use of scissors on gaffer tape.
rd400d 7 days ago
I've watched you do some really dumb shit.
Bubbly Clips
Bubbly Clips 7 days ago
i feel his tension
PongoXBongo 7 days ago
Motherboard and case manufacturers really need to come up with a standardized front panel i/o connector (similar to USB headers). All the little fiddly wires are archaic.
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We need to talk
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