Our Craziest Cooling Project Yet 

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On today's episode of Linus Tech Tips the gang gets more wet than usual!
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Apr 18, 2021




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Comments 100   
Nitin Parihar
Nitin Parihar 12 hours ago
Noob way to do it with so much clothing instead of sealing pipe joints properly.
Bert Visscher
Bert Visscher 15 hours ago
0:17 I do believe you'll find that more than "a minor challenge". 1:58 I don't believe that's a fairytale. Ever heard of the wisdom, "think before you swing"...? *smh*
Adam McAllister
Adam McAllister 15 hours ago
Would very much like to see a fully sealed version of this. Perhaps get hold of a 12v car fuel pump too and run that instead of a regular water cooling pump.
pchangover Day ago
What an absolute shit-show
Роман Ежов
Original us-first.info/player/video/pN5_iZl1c56dp2Q.html
Роман Ежов
Why did you steal the video from the "Roma, just Roma" channel? Link below.
Роман Ежов
continuation of this story us-first.info/player/video/rMqZfGijXWaUfXE.html
Роман Ежов
Original us-first.info/player/video/pN5_iZl1c56dp2Q.html
Strider Pain
Strider Pain 2 days ago
id love to see this with proper tubing
Vukasin Petrovic
Vukasin Petrovic 2 days ago
LogicPTK 3 days ago
Love your content but giving in to the authoritarian mask police has me loosing respect, months of it and I'm sick of seeing it, your pushing the false mask science propaganda and you know it! Have some balls and stand up against tyranny.
Bits inside by René Rebe
this channel is a joke
Jo Bar
Jo Bar 3 days ago
Next episode nuclear power plant cooler.
Fire_Silicon 3 days ago
With all the equipment you have you could have easily machined a adapter. 3D printing one and waterproofing it by melting the inside with hot air gun could also work. This concept definitely deserved a bit more time.
Corey Stephan
Corey Stephan 4 days ago
They should see if using this radiator in a ice water bucket would be better than a standard rad in an ice water bucket
Sav 4 days ago
Linus, you're the Red Green of the computing world. You need some duct tape.
Bernd Eckenfels
Bernd Eckenfels 4 days ago
A shop full of high grade CNC equipment, but you can’t produce a reduction block for the piping?
Nassak.24 5 days ago
Imagine someone showed up and just started gaming during the great leakage lol
Priyanshu 2004
Priyanshu 2004 5 days ago
It looks even better at 2x😂😂😂
Apostolis T.
Apostolis T. 5 days ago
damn u can actually see the water level reducing in that res when they decide to conclude the results
Tony J
Tony J 6 days ago
How about mounting the $150 Derale 13700 Electra-Cool to the side of a PC? www.amazon.com/dp/B001QITRBS/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_glt_fabc_833VVQ8WS4YTVCYSR40T
Ruben Braekman
Ruben Braekman 6 days ago
Just use a car fan as well at this point lol, you can use a push/pull dual fan setup as well
Lucky Luciano
Lucky Luciano 6 days ago
i'd like to see this done with some better adaptation of the radiator so it isn't pouring water everywhere. i bet this would work pretty well honestly.
Josh Gibson
Josh Gibson 6 days ago
THE BICYCLE INNER-TUBE WAS ALREADY A TUBE! COME ON!!! just use the whole bike tube instead of reducing it to computer tubing.....
PongoXBongo 7 days ago
With a radiator that big, ditch the case fans and just strap it to a box fan. Maybe use a piece or two of window bug screen as an air filter.
VMEcycle6 8 days ago
reminds me that episode of silicon valley, which they were serving millions of viewers watching a man drinking his own urine, while their server was on fire. 🤣🤣🤣
VMEcycle6 8 days ago
6:35 just get a box fan😅😅
Linus obviously forgot about the whole room water-cooling setup with a radiator on the roof when he made the title
Muhammad Ahmad
Muhammad Ahmad 8 days ago
Definitely professional
Mo Jones
Mo Jones 8 days ago
I watched 13:57 got frustrated seeing that you guys never made a plan to fix the water dripping from the cable it's not a hard thing to do.
Kris Planker
Kris Planker 8 days ago
Your water-cooling content would.. hold more water with a sponsorship from the Flexseal family of products.
Jonathan 8 days ago
Mixed metals baby!
Diamond Ninja4
Diamond Ninja4 8 days ago
Alex 9 days ago
Yeah, the transmission cooler works by exchanging heat from the hotter oil into the relatively cooler water, so you're wasting your time there.
William Bland
William Bland 9 days ago
Once inspired by a younger Alex and Linus, I made a mineral-oil PC. at the time I was a tech for a car dealership, and radiators were easy enough to get ahold of. With some proper connections, I was able to make one into a cooler for the oil. 3 small things done differently, and this radiator build would have been even more successful, but probably not as funny. Love the "Mad Scientist" videos, always a treat and an inspiration.
smegskull 10 days ago
That radiator could just fit as a side panel to my HAF-X.
HTBLuVA 10 days ago
I want privacy cards but I am from Europe!
David Hen Feldman
David Hen Feldman 10 days ago
99% jank
rustyrob 10 days ago
Looks like a secret mining rig LMAO.
RangerRivet 10 days ago
I honestly don't know why they didnt just buy a roll of flex tape and tape their connections
Andar Broment
Andar Broment 11 days ago
Daniel Santos
Daniel Santos 11 days ago
everytime they put out a 'crazy cooling project' I still think of whole room watercooling with the window-mounted radiator. Which looked fairly similar to this thing
PDG_ Strix
PDG_ Strix 11 days ago
Lets see if at least the Pt cruiser radiator do somethung, cause the rest of the car, geez...
MAATESSSX 11 days ago
Cooling my system with GSX-R 1000 radiator for 2 years...
DG 11 days ago
I remember some Russian guy using Volvo radiator for cooling in the early 2000's.
MrGrebgnet 11 days ago
You should try to water cool a pc with out fans by hooking up The reservoir to a running tap and dumping The water after The heat block into The drain!
Kody Miles
Kody Miles 12 days ago
this seems like a completely practical way to cool your pc, you just need an extra 3 people willing to damage control the entire time you use it
Grant Hampson
Grant Hampson 12 days ago
I've been wanting to use a car radiator for PC cooling for years!!! Would like to see a proper benchtest with no leaks
Remo Turchetti
Remo Turchetti 12 days ago
The script of this episode is something like "Just wing it"
W4WWW - Raker
W4WWW - Raker 12 days ago
To everyone who didn't laugh by the end of the video - You're taking life WAY TOO SERIOUSLY.
Alex Gibson
Alex Gibson 12 days ago
There are a lot more important problems with the approach here, but the one that really got me was: why not put the brown fans in a neat row in the middle?
Alim Bhanwadiya
Alim Bhanwadiya 12 days ago
A plumber could have done the trick.
Gordon Nettles
Gordon Nettles 12 days ago
If you need help with this I have knowledge of both car radiators and computers
Young Blood
Young Blood 12 days ago
what a cringe it become now....why do they put the radiator on top...
S G G 12 days ago
What the hell did I just watch
JustCallMeChad 12 days ago
That was painful to watch, and not in an entertaining way. :\ I honestly would have loved to see this done right.
Zachary Barlow
Zachary Barlow 13 days ago
They know nothing about cars!
Kris Holland
Kris Holland 13 days ago
Meh. Did this ten years ago. Mine didn't leak. :D
Blank Nothing
Blank Nothing 13 days ago
Voice Crack 0:08
Voracious 13 days ago
I wonder how many computers this setup can keep cool at once? would love to see this
Planetbustard 13 days ago
Chernobyl NPP control room 15 August 1972:
netbeing 13 days ago
I raise, try a helicopter radiator :D
8Bit Noise
8Bit Noise 14 days ago
I wonder if they thought about hose clamps instead of ducktape. _keeps watching_ let's see where this goes.
Von Droid
Von Droid 14 days ago
i'm surprised they've never heard of the product called " Magic Wrap ". I've used it to temporarily seal everything from automotive to plumbing joints - even works on air compressor hoses.
K M 14 days ago
For an ex engineering student, alex really disappoints sometimes with the "lets do all this weird shit for the video" instead of actual engineering shit
K M 14 days ago
Feel like using the car radiator shroud wouldve been all that was needed
muhammad fahad nazir
You should have used jubilee clamp on bike tubes cut outs
Sharad 14 days ago
Really should have just gotten proper fittings. But, it was a pretty fun train wreck to watch!
Z MAN 14 days ago
this video is such a disaster
spYro 14 days ago
Man, this episode stressed me out a LOT x_x ^^°
Morgan May
Morgan May 14 days ago
Ahhhhh the chaos!! I love it!
Jon Hudspith
Jon Hudspith 14 days ago
this isn't a project, its a skit.....
gamedeathmatch 14 days ago
Seems like most people in the comments are on the fence with this video, you either liked it for comedy or wanted to see a more polished version. I am in the latter camp I want to see a well thought out idea that has a logical implementation/testing
pirotehnika na kvadrat
militaryiam97 14 days ago
Could just bought a radiator for 70 on Amazon lmao
Houtzyboy 14 days ago
Who else can see this leading to whole room water cooling 2.0
DjDeadPuppies 14 days ago
Thanks. I hate it.
xuqv 15 days ago
do an intercooler
Jeff Chadrick
Jeff Chadrick 15 days ago
These are the shenanigans that i subscribe for.
Scotty Bot
Scotty Bot 15 days ago
Jay needs to see this...
mr_ _micro
mr_ _micro 15 days ago
I actually did this in 2014. It worked. The tower reached up to the ceeling. I needed to disassemble it and rebuild it because we moved. The radiator(audi tt) is still cooling my cpu and graphics card( ryzen 7 1700x and 1080ti.) Temps under full load are under 70 celsius for both. And you only need two 230mm fans for airflow. I use 2 laing ddc pumps and copper piping
scorntooth 15 days ago
did u guys consider installing a single standard box fan to the side of the rad? might be better lol
Dick kallerhan
Dick kallerhan 15 days ago
Tripp Williamson
Tripp Williamson 15 days ago
Just think, if they would have used one of their many 3d printers to print a reducing bushing instead of using a innertube...
SaintApoc 15 days ago
if you had put a FLIR on it while putting water through you could maybe see the loop. Also, this thing needs to be mounted in a window with one giant fan
Saulo Augusto Martino
now that's a radiayor
Ken Otwell
Ken Otwell 15 days ago
Worst project ever. I'm skipping over most of it - this is really bad dude.
Inservio 15 days ago
LOL you two bickering like that reminds me of that old guy with the motorcycle customisation thing. Son's name was paulie, I do remember that. Screaming row on pretty much every motorcycle they built.
CeZaR NeBuN 15 days ago
FAIL...but fun to watch...you really need to take some plumbing classes...actually, nvm
Drew Pera
Drew Pera 15 days ago
You needed metal clamps for the hoses, zip ties don't get tight enough.
Thor Out
Thor Out 15 days ago
Iinus I could have soldered a correct fitting to the car rad for you!!
10cody7 15 days ago
the real stress test would be trying to actually use this damn thing
Why was there no hospital beeping, and respirator noises during the entire half of this video? You guys spent like 2minutes planning this all out. Insane.
Eric Glandon
Eric Glandon 15 days ago
You have an engineer Linus do this correctly. While fun to watch it would have been nice to see it done seriously
Anthony Juhl
Anthony Juhl 16 days ago
This is so painful it isn't funny, why not make the loop correctly instead of just dumping water everywhere.... they make adaptors and proper clamps
Donvan snarr
Donvan snarr 16 days ago
There's no way they didn't do this for entertainment purposes this was the best video I've seen in a long time lmao
maks steen
maks steen 16 days ago
one word.. mora3
Jedi Dream
Jedi Dream 16 days ago
always good i loveit
Elijah Williams
Elijah Williams 16 days ago
Can you re do this with like a Honda Civic rad they are so small
Foxygamer 360
Foxygamer 360 16 days ago
0:00 LITERALLY that's what she said lol
Jacob L
Jacob L 16 days ago
Little do we know this video will spur a auto radiator shortage as crypto miners rush to cool their setups to record low temps
chicharoimpresor 16 days ago
pinches locos jeje
We broke up.
Views 2.9M
We broke up.
Views 2.9M