The Jankiest EXTREME Gaming Setup - Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade 

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David went above and beyond for this one, that's for sure.
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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iTunes Download Link: itunes.apple.com/us/album/supernova/id936805712
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High us-first.info
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/PgGWp
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/mj6pHk4
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0 geni.us/Ps3XfE

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Apr 4, 2021




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Comments 100   
Colin Constantine Michael
That is crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best of all!!!!!!
Osame Khe
Osame Khe 8 hours ago
those books man coooooooooome on 4:48
Prince of Persia
Prince of Persia 9 hours ago
9:33 Why?
Rhyan Maru
Rhyan Maru 10 hours ago
3080 with 10100?????????
lukes401k 15 hours ago
I love how Linus is talking about an old Zotac card, well he should see my gt 730
Soba 15 hours ago
Anytime Linus is confused, "Hey David?"
Gas Mask
Gas Mask 15 hours ago
Hahah use a socket instead of the Philips
ThatRTXDude Day ago
why the i3 the LG OLED TV is basicly a waste and he should've swapped it out with an i7 10700k
sirbreakdown Day ago
The i3 was for his NAS. His main PC has an Ryzen 3900x, which obviously will not be shown on this video
Dragon Ball
Dragon Ball Day ago
$5,000 isn't enough to build an extreme PC, that's what 1 6900XT red devil is going for on Ebay.
psycronizer Day ago
28:20....so, David, what guy are you going to be playing with when you do that ?...........
psycronizer Day ago
that thumbnail pic..looks like david is ready to gobble some sausage....
Der Melonensaft
Lost it when Linus said I think I've got enough hair for another dog
JrMaslik _
JrMaslik _ Day ago
This is janky to a new level
MrEcted 2 days ago
"Hey David!" "YASS?" "This hard drive cage here, is it even part of this case?" "NOPE!" Linus: 😡🤬
Pimplepopper Guru
Can you build a cheap transcoding pc for twitch or youtube or facebook? using x79 xeon And also using old unlocked quadro like p400 for editing.
BabbleTron 2 days ago
Bru test the glorious model d it is amazing
James Farrell
James Farrell 2 days ago
a sit stand desk, with a TV mounted on the wall?????? desk rise and fall, tv doesn't, what could go wrong????
ITZVennoxx 2 days ago
why does his nas have better parts than my pc
Big Jinjo
Big Jinjo 2 days ago
thanks intel
Grapefruiter 146
Grapefruiter 146 2 days ago
Loading brain69.EXE
Gordon Freeman
Gordon Freeman 2 days ago
I love his laugh xD.
Jay Say
Jay Say 2 days ago
i onnly watch this dude cause my childhood puppet my mother used to use to talk to me was Linus.
Infinite Nightcore
I don't have a gaming pc but my dream is to buy one and play my dream games on it❤️
Luiisanoobie 3 days ago
Respect to David I see him playing Persona 5 Strikers
Ben Nesbitt
Ben Nesbitt 3 days ago
"This is like true gamer" is the reason I clicked the like button.
alex michael
alex michael 3 days ago
hey david..?
Addison Bar
Addison Bar 3 days ago
The outgoing mice happily reject because queen occasionally melt including a wooden toilet. panicky, dispensable icon
tom kol
tom kol 3 days ago
this guy has the best fucking laugh in the world
wah setyawan
wah setyawan 3 days ago
God job friend, I come from Indonesia suport you video
The Beansprout
The Beansprout 3 days ago
His PC is a swimming pool
Real Courte
Real Courte 3 days ago
Already obsolete... ;) The race to stay ahead! :)
: l
: l 3 days ago
Vehqn 4 days ago
my 40th time watching this video...
Aryan Singh
Aryan Singh 4 days ago
Haven't done any build for india or something related to india please do that start from me
Frostelus 4 days ago
Kelly better return that super metroid, I'm mad on David's behalf
UncausedPizza 4 days ago
His pit stains are embarrassing
PRO GAMER 4 days ago
How much time did he take to figure this out ?? 500 MILLION YEARS ?
Ginger Hall
Ginger Hall 4 days ago
The squalid driver analytically whisper because verse alternately transport a a quizzical jump. dry, mute sign
We need to see David more
Jane Collin
Jane Collin 4 days ago
Mrs Maria is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy,...
Joan Derald
Joan Derald 4 days ago
Yes but do you know I have been paid out today
Kelvin Brian
Kelvin Brian 4 days ago
Anyone who she handles he's or her trade for I believe is so lucky
Billy Jack
Billy Jack 4 days ago
She's the plug 👆
Billy Jack
Billy Jack 4 days ago
+4:4 :7:8:2:7 :8:1:2:7:4:0🇬🇧
Billy Jack
Billy Jack 4 days ago
You can contact Mrs Maria on WhatsApp 👇
Jacques B
Jacques B 4 days ago
ooo i wish! well just even a I7 and working mb as lga 2011-3 ain there no more
Ginger Hall
Ginger Hall 4 days ago
The meek lumber analogically fetch because node family sack to a helpful ellipse. big, blushing ticket
Mankeerat Singh
Mankeerat Singh 4 days ago
Maaaan I want to get my PS3 repaired so bad.
Aaavng 4 days ago
he went through torture for weeks before they filmed this.. I feel his pain
Adarkashark 4 days ago
23:40 I HAVE THE SAME KEYBOARD!! Its for my wireless TV monitor setup
تركي ابوتركي
If this dude is funny positive and consistent bro I’ll watch him all day on Allah
تركي ابوتركي
I love this guy’s laugh oh my goodness 🤣🤣
Richard Mitchell
Richard Mitchell 5 days ago
What is with the pit stains my dude?!
Mechtron 47
Mechtron 47 5 days ago
my desk and David's desk are both the same sittings on books
MOOSE675 5 days ago
watercooling tutorial?
AJ_RICH 5 days ago
me with my 1050ti and fx6300 cpu. "yeah your pc aight." :(
Devon Cowherd
Devon Cowherd 5 days ago
Lol adorable
Apwz and Kirrifik
Day 1 of asking Linus to record in 60fps
gman349 yt
gman349 yt 5 days ago
see, this isnt spoil david day, all youtubers are getting the gpus and now there is a shortage since everyone needs somethin to do, and the only gpus getting made, woop, right into the pocket of youtubers
Mike Desverknopf
Mike Desverknopf 5 days ago
I love this build
Daily COD Moments
love the intro
Chris's Coulter
Chris's Coulter 5 days ago
Linus is getting Paid!!!! Dam you getting money bro outta all the tech youtubers you are killing the game. Please help me get off the ground man. What can I do? How can I be down? Please help
Saksham Singhania
Hey! David!?
Samuel Stow
Samuel Stow 5 days ago
I really like these series. It's so real.
Samuel Stow
Samuel Stow 5 days ago
Even thought I saw his camera drop in the intro I still wasn't ready and proper gasped and flinched when it happened.
Miggy LS
Miggy LS 5 days ago
Big Daddy J 69
Big Daddy J 69 6 days ago
Linus is such a good boss and person
The happy lee
The happy lee 6 days ago
David is a man after my own heart
Leela keerthana 144
Intro is so sick
Aaditya Thapa
Aaditya Thapa 6 days ago
david's laugh sound like the laugh of anime villians
Helix 6 days ago
This series is hilarious and so fun to watch.
Ryder Bishop
Ryder Bishop 7 days ago
heyyyyyyy daaaaviddddddd
Jeremy’s Gaming
Nice I wish that happened to me. Im building my first gaming pc soon in the summer
Will Somers
Will Somers 7 days ago
David looks like a young Phillip Seymour Hoffman
tony sothea
tony sothea 7 days ago
Hey David! Hey David!? Hey Daavid.. lol 😆
john lake
john lake 7 days ago
Can you do Taran next
Thechainlard 7 days ago
Not only did he get his hands on a 3080, but also a PS5 😮
mythic 7 days ago
HA NUTS 17:49
Jacob Wilson
Jacob Wilson 7 days ago
Masks are so lame
David Priester
David Priester 7 days ago
“With your RTX 3080, you can probably emulate PS1 games” SO FUNNY BRO!! LINUS IS A SAVAGE!!! ALL TRUTH!!!
that green neko
that green neko 7 days ago
22:47 One minute, the helix is gone. 23:03 The next, it's back.
John Smith
John Smith 7 days ago
I am watching this late, so I hope he did properly replace the cables on the power supply. Those, can really be a problem...
marcus 8 days ago
who else heard “bacon pancakes” when he sang “making progress”?
Jon Ausherman
Jon Ausherman 8 days ago
This is my fav set up so far. :D
DOGGO OW 8 days ago
21:30 Persona 5 Strikers!!! SHOWTIME!
More Than Deep
More Than Deep 8 days ago
this was hilarious
Achmad Fauzy
Achmad Fauzy 8 days ago
15:55 imagine thats how you propose your gf
Michael _C
Michael _C 8 days ago
RGB hate is weird and confusing.
Sofronea Georgian
5K dollars intel build.... so why does it have an i3 ... with a 3080 ?
austin woods
austin woods 8 days ago
Is there a link for his chair...?
Fireblade 8 days ago
17:34 cameraman caught in 4k
theCTsavage 9 days ago
David’s laugh though
Srewolf Airsoft
Srewolf Airsoft 9 days ago
You should send your ps1 over to TysyTube Restoration!!!
AirBrunswick 9 days ago
AAAHHHH!!! I have that GPU on backorder! Not the waterforce one, but maybe I should go water cooling... It's going to happen someday.
Lockheed AH- 56 Cheyenne
21:14 the vid on the tv lolol
Zachary Greenman
Zachary Greenman 9 days ago
Sad Linus is the best Linus.
Skwrl Fuzz
Skwrl Fuzz 9 days ago
Man he is the coolest boss ever
P Shashikanth
P Shashikanth 9 days ago
Its like my friend explaining math to me
6jv 9 days ago
I cringed so hard at the beginning with the camera falling
Alfons Janason
Alfons Janason 9 days ago
Does he have to show how sweaty he is in pretty much every shot..?
Mayur Gite
Mayur Gite 9 days ago
In 5000 dollors you can buy fucking alinware....!! Wait ....intel I 3 for gaming.... i need to puke right now.... !!
Libro 9 days ago
i realy enjoy all these extreme tech upgrade episodes but all those 3080´s is just unrealistic at this point. first it cost month´s to get one and second the prices are almost at half of the 5000 intel´s budget.
Neerada Kulatillake
When david laughs it sounds like a hyena is getting strangled
Raj Bodra
Raj Bodra 9 days ago
Bro give rtx 2080 graphic card im poor gamer