Why do 'Gaming' Phones Exist?? 

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We took a look at Lenovo Legion Duel Phone 2, Nubia RedMagic 6 Pro, and ASUS ROG Phone 5 Ultimate to help you make some hard choices during the silicon shortage
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May 1, 2021




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SayMOBA - MONTAGE 5 hours ago
Hey I need some help please.I play alot mobile games. My problem is that I recognize that my phone have a delay when I use my touch. I have a Huawei Honor Play. The delay is impressive big if u check the difference between an iPhone 5s. I want to buy a new phone because of the delay and want to ask you which performance categories decrease the delay of the touch? Is it hz or the processor or a mix of some categories. In this video Linus say he feels a delay difference in the Lenovo phone and says it might be the higher hz of the touch. Maybe someone of the community can help me please.
Rinne 10 hours ago
To make more money and to cater to gamers.
Densha Otoko
Densha Otoko Day ago
Rog 5 has a cheap tencent version 600 USD. But I would recommend buying the global version non ultimate, 1000 USD one. Unless you know how to root with global rom
Panda gaming73
Panda gaming73 2 days ago
so when do we get water cooled phones?
Abdul Rauf
Abdul Rauf 3 days ago
I want a gaming phone
Besharmi ki Haad
Besharmi ki Haad 3 days ago
I just missed iphone 12 pro maxx🥲
ArduinoBen 4 days ago
Crazycat Gaming
Crazycat Gaming 4 days ago
Video: Why do 'Gaming' Phones Exist?? Me, installing termux: Oh hehe you'll find out
Lin Player
Lin Player 4 days ago
you dont need gaming phone, you just need to find good normal one
Lin Player
Lin Player 4 days ago
my phone meanwhile having like 45 celsium while gaming
VIM 4 days ago
Black shark 4? Where is?
Marko 5 days ago
Games on phones are shit. Better use an emulator on phone to emulate a console or MAME and play that instead. More fun.
ItsPuppy 6 days ago
Linus: Why do 'Gaming' Phones Exist?? Indians: To play free fire and pubg mobile
StaySic4Ever 6 days ago
Truly a question, being how in general flagships are so expensive, at such prices can easily get PC then. Though funny how these gaming phones are really one of the best general ones with complete screen.
Sauyon Lee
Sauyon Lee 6 days ago
This video confused me: where's the blackshark, and why is the rog phone 5 ultimate features over the standard model? It feels somewhat akin to featuring the gold apple watch and saying that the value just isn't there because it's far more expensive than the competition...
World Hayes-VR
World Hayes-VR 6 days ago
I will grab one if I can play GEAR VR ON ONE
Diogo 7 days ago
Don't forget about the true Gamer Phone: The Xperia Play
Henrik 7 days ago
Title was more interesting than the video. You should get video ideas from your fake clickbait titles.
Money 7 days ago
we just gotta play that candy crush man
LeNomEstYves 7 days ago
Is youtube really at the point where we have to censor the word *buttheads*?? Wow....
Jackson Quinn
Jackson Quinn 7 days ago
Bro iPhone 12 is literally $12000
pookey 7 days ago
As a 3090 FE owner I don't find anything fascinating in "gaming" phones xD
CaptainTalon448 8 days ago
I would rather put that 1500 to a gaming tablet than a phone if I want mobile gaming that badly…though I guess for that price I may well just hold off until the aforementioned Switch Pro
Travis Jackson
Travis Jackson 8 days ago
im not spending over 50 dollars on a phone, all i need it for is calling and texting. XD
Natt Zero
Natt Zero 9 days ago
Still waiting for a (now completely unlikely to ever happen) Razer Phone 3...
PypeR 9 days ago
9:25 - I felt that.
Scubasausage 9 days ago
I dont really see where any of these phones would be better than my iphone 11 pro max. I dont game but what games would be faster or whatever on one of these devices?
jdoll atari
jdoll atari 9 days ago
the asus is super expensive and lacks build quality. Red magic is the way to go for the most part it seems
• Breedy •
• Breedy • 9 days ago
Does worldwide shipping also work for north Korea? I’m asking for a friend
Random 9 days ago
What About Xiaomi's BLACKSHARK 4 Pro
Javier Rodríguez
With $1500 you could buy a freaking good gaming laptop
Aviral Maindola
Aviral Maindola 9 days ago
I know mobile ‘gamers’ who don’t utilise the triggers on their rog3 While I am here who sweats with 6 fingers on mobile
O Chason
O Chason 9 days ago
Where is the blackshark4 pro?
L1M_YT 9 days ago
These Gaming Phones Are Useful when AAA GAMES are in Mobile
skurasch 9 days ago
In what world is a 888 on par with a xbox 360??? Even forgetting the feature set (which is 16 years newer), in raw power it still dwarfs a 360. That's just nonsense. You could underclock those chips like crazy and it'll still outperform an ancient dx9 chip like that.
C - Kek
C - Kek 10 days ago
I'm sorry but if I see you playing on a 'gaming' phone outside, you are getting bullied.
ESL_Petrusx 10 days ago
4:22 and what if I was using the ROG Phone 5? 👀
SILENT GAMERS 10 days ago
Here is black shark
Kuzashi Blades
Kuzashi Blades 10 days ago
Red magic is definitely a good value phone. It cost less than mainstream phones with better hardware. This is where the good part stops though. Their OS contains quite a few bugs and missing optimizations. It sometimes makes the brand of phone hard to use, similar to Apple updates.
Fa Gyu
Fa Gyu 10 days ago
Are you friends? Phone gamer: "Yes" PC gamer: "No"
Atomic Water
Atomic Water 10 days ago
I sat up so fast when I heard Anthony is gonna do an asmr video
EX0stasis 11 days ago
666k views 6 days ago. Nice.
Kightzy 11 days ago
666k views and posted 6 days ago.. 666 .. dun dun dun
Epic Grim
Epic Grim 11 days ago
I’m learning math tech right now
Peanut - INTP
Peanut - INTP 11 days ago
No mention of "Desktop Mode" seems like an oversight to me. That's where the performance of these devices could be really advantageous. I've been stuck with using an Android TV Box (quad A53 cores, 4GB) as my "PC" for several months (Old PC died) on Android 9. Android 11's desktop mode deserves mentionfrom what I've seen, multiple windows means these kinds of devices should have the performance and capability (paired with Gerforce Now) to the sole computer for students or others in a small living space (I'm in a bedsit so the space/energy saving has been awesome).
MagiciaN 11 days ago
Umm soo this video kinda underperformed a bit hmm
Matt 11 days ago
the new blackshark would have made a fine addition, it has actually different specs hahahah
ChrisdoesYT 11 days ago
I’m planning on getting the red magic 6 on my birthday
Thevindu D
Thevindu D 11 days ago
2021 may 7 7:50am est
Jiří Bledý
Jiří Bledý 11 days ago
It is also good to mention how fragile the ROG phone And legion
Gaming phone: waste of money + silicon
Mythical RP
Mythical RP 11 days ago
I'd rather just buy a whole new rig or a scalped gpu at $1500 than buy a gaming phone lol
The Spark
The Spark 11 days ago
None of my friends actually game on their phones and neither do I. The real question should be: Why do stupid people like me keep buying high end phones? All I do is watch US-first, make calls and light social media interaction like most other people I know. I don´t even take that many pictures but I am highly obsessed with the camera quality.
Niko Piko
Niko Piko 12 days ago
2:25 The Red Magic 6 Pro is noticeably dimmer” Uhhhh it definitely looks the brightest there, You can actually see the icons and text
DjResR 12 days ago
0:21 - Console owners being rich pricks when gaming phones cost as much or more._
Lontokka 12 days ago
Lol, I like how similar this thumbnail is to Tech Spurt :)
Anthony Campos
Anthony Campos 12 days ago
Now only if I could find a ROG phone 5 pro with 512gig internal storage available and it would work with my carrier
FG 12 days ago
Do people actually play mobile games alot? I don't understand why the games are garbage
Ronky 12 days ago
0:49 what I'm trying to do when I do a class presentation:
Horace Smith
Horace Smith 12 days ago
Make it run Windows 10
Dan Phillips
Dan Phillips 12 days ago
How do mobile phone GPU's compare to Intel/AMD's/Nvidia's (Switch/Shield) integrated GPU's?
Sid 12 days ago
there are barely any games that need a performance boost on mobile...........these are a waste
Ikelos 12 days ago
If only there was a way to ameliorate heating issues, while at the same time adding hardware space for performance, flat thumbsticks and physical buttons, all in the same convenient and elegant solution... PSP GO? What's that?
flaming- Rat
flaming- Rat 12 days ago
Pang ML yan lods
YashYo 12 days ago
I was still waiting for something else.
Shiro Wolff
Shiro Wolff 12 days ago
These little things would be over 8k in my country
Dayyan Ali
Dayyan Ali 12 days ago
Man you gotta check out mi black shark 3... And it's even cheaper than the red magic
Cloud4FAIL 12 days ago
I like how he said they have the gaming horse power of a playstation 3 and a Xbox 360 when they actually are even faster then PS4 and Xbox one XD
Moonlight 12 days ago
well i like gaming phones cuz i never had played on pc on my lifffe and i dont like my frames on the normal phones so i just want a better frames and respond
Poxyquotl 12 days ago
One of the best reasons to own an android.... iPhones are great if you don’t plan on doing anything other than the most basic phone stuff but android is so much more open. Not to mention organic WebM support...
Sreeram V.S
Sreeram V.S 12 days ago
Okay....but, *where's da shark*
Ahmed Fathy
Ahmed Fathy 12 days ago
so this is basically a clickbait
Derek2k 12 days ago
Because we love gaming on phones on the go
BlackgigaOps 12 days ago
when people complain about the phone not silent cuz they have a FAN.. *what world do we live in.. 🤣
Nibi 12 days ago
..... when is the Lenovo coming to the US I really want it
Aurora The Otter
Aurora The Otter 12 days ago
Liquid metal time xD
Aurora The Otter
Aurora The Otter 12 days ago
0:53 nah fam im not paying 85usd for a wallet ima buy a just as good one on ebay for about 7usd
MR.PHANTØM 12 days ago
Rog 5 vs iPhone
Michael Berthelsen
Michael Berthelsen 12 days ago
Sooo... They're all kinda shit, but in different ways. Got it.👍
Dr0neshuffler 12 days ago
I bought my Razer Phone 2 on sale in 2019 for like $399. I love the thing's refresh rate and super snappy response time. But I don't reap any other benefit from it since the amount of games on android that I'd actually care about running are Basically zero. Great phone for the price I got it for. But I probably won't buy a gaming phone again. My next phone will probably be whatever the previous Generation Galaxy Note Phone is at the time or the Next Surface Duo (if it actually has 5G), because the ability to work on my art on the go using my smartphone with an actual active stylus has become much more important to me than being able to game on my phone. Lol.
Oakton 12 days ago
I expected alot more JerryRig comments here tbh. Man's snapped 2 of these in half with his hands
Tiagotaku Lord of thieves
To not get interrupted by a call
Cinnamon coca-cola
Cinnamon coca-cola 13 days ago
To give @Jerryrigeverything somthing to break
kiko o
kiko o 13 days ago
fortnite in the palm of my hand??!?!
KMPuter Tech Supplies
pokemon go
Fahim Faisal
Fahim Faisal 13 days ago
Cause normal smartphones are noobs
Fahim Faisal
Fahim Faisal 13 days ago
Cause normal smartphones are noobs
ZeroTheHero 13 days ago
$800 us for a ps5? Damn that's cheap. In my country a disk PS5 is $1500 dollars and a GTX 1050ti is almost $400 LOL All this because of shortages and the pandemic. What a great year for gaming and building a PC 😐
Rick Castle
Rick Castle 13 days ago
Anthony ASMR confirmed!!!
Jo Seph GD
Jo Seph GD 13 days ago
Most Lenovo Legion products look amazing and this is no exception.
nepeno 13 days ago
i havent watched the video i only saw the title but let me just say Steam Streaming on phone which you probably need a gaming pc for
Champ Magat
Champ Magat 13 days ago
RoG all the way..
Avieshek 13 days ago
*Asus ROG* is actually cheaper if you're fine with 8GB or even 12GB of RAM and doesn't see needing 18GB of RAM as the Ultimate version shown here and has my vote as best of all worlds - *quality, stability, durability* and even spread that heat with its *Vapour Chamber* tech speaking of which has a unique Battery Bypass Charging feature to add to its 6000mAh battery. The Asus ROG Phone is a clear winner with its experience from making Laptops if not GPUs than the rest of the Chinese Solutions of random failure. Camera is salient which is again ROG wins here because it uses the same Sony Sensors - just Capture RAW with Lightroom instead of depending on OEM's Colour Science.
Bug Catcher
Bug Catcher 13 days ago
Whoever did the clips really needs to practice lol
J M 13 days ago
I still don’t get the point of a gaming phone. For the price of these phones you could get a decent mid range PC. Besides you don’t need a beefy phone when you can just stream your games to your phone.
grand harden
grand harden 13 days ago
Hi im from phillipines I've been watching you everyday Cause I'm telling to my self that I can build my own PC but I don't have any money and im wishing you to heart and read this cause I want to ask some help for giving me a GRAPHICS CARD AND Ram and SSD cause that's is one of my problems with my cpu I have only Ryzen 3 3100 and motherboard tha you for your time to read this and thank you if you willing to give me that and keep safe always and have a good day thank-you!!!!
GlodChip 13 days ago
I will never buy a gaming phone.
Hiyaw Playz
Hiyaw Playz 13 days ago
Bruh this thing have more spec than my pc, lol
Zenxi Gaming
Zenxi Gaming 13 days ago
From that money, I will build a gaming pc😂 fuck the Mobile gamin😂
The Tinker
The Tinker 13 days ago
I'd prefer something else, like, Aya Neo or Alienware UFO, for XPA/xCloud-on-the-go gaming (and PC browser with extension support). My phone can go back being a phone.
The Herd Mentality PC
This Is My Last Shot