Why Does Google Think I Need This? 

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Google refreshed the Google Nest Hub for 2021 with Soli radar sensors for sleep tracking. Which is... great, but is that all Google has planned for Soli?
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Apr 26, 2021




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Mr. Yawnson
Mr. Yawnson Day ago
I have never used air gestures with my Pixel 4 and pretty much forgot they were even a thing.
JC 2 days ago
Just FYI...you better enjoy that sleep because it can be over in a heartbeat. I haven't slept more than a 2 or 3 hours in any night since my only child was killed in a car accident after her mother decided texting was more important than watching the road in 2014. Just sayin ....
Some Guy
Some Guy 5 days ago
google just wants to watch you sleep
nagebenfro 7 days ago
I’d kinda love to see a Mac Address on this too. 🤔
Ioan Koka
Ioan Koka 7 days ago
yeah, idiots needs all these. and a google probe in their behind, just to be sure who farted at night
Esico6 7 days ago
I try to limit google in my live as much I can.
solssldo 8 days ago
This is my favorite man from Linus tech
Alpha Centauri
Alpha Centauri 9 days ago
It can break like that if it accidentally gets thrown away
BLAZINGwaffle56 9 days ago
Google doesn't think you need it, they just want more data on ya to sell.
pasiutrial 10 days ago
5:00 and why this is even a surprise? They never cared about people's needs in the first place. They only come up with something that can make them a lot of money and when it's beneficial for the customer it's actually a side effect but it was never Google's intention to make a customer happy IMO. Free data collection baby!
Pole Tooke
Pole Tooke 10 days ago
Zigbee is a mesh network that is low power effeciency. Theyyre sunsetting a fine tech just to resell products but with the "New" standard. : /
Ł 10 days ago
So Google owns your whole life including even when your sleeping.
ElezyerArts 11 days ago
Linus testing display and speakers: *Plays LTT video* Riley testing display and speakers: *C R A B R A V E*
Authan65 12 days ago
Galaxy S4 had swipes too
SkyNight 12 days ago
Google Nest Hub: XiaoMi Xiao Ai Touch Screen Speaker modified version by Google Inc
Zach S
Zach S 13 days ago
Google's silicon will be an implant. Then we will have a future like the movie 'Final Cut' from 2004. And Taran will be hired to edit our lives with the power of the Macros!
Snoutie 14 days ago
Google: we track you while sleeping Also Google: here are some advertisements for sleeping pills
وزیر ستان زلمی
وزیر ستان زلمی
No no no
Florian Graf
Florian Graf 14 days ago
rly nice video,...funny
Qsaws 15 days ago
As useless as the first one
Lucifer5065 15 days ago
Dynamit008 15 days ago
I agree when you have a baby you take the change to sleep when it present it self, I know my girls was baby just a few years ago, dam what energy it was to have two year old and a baby. When one was going to sleep it was always almost sure that the other would wake or something else the first couple of hour in there sleep time.
Luuk Domhof
Luuk Domhof 15 days ago
It actually has a "Thread Edge Router". Meaning that this device allows you to access Thread devices from outside your network ;)
Cristi Tanase
Cristi Tanase 16 days ago
More spyware from Google....
Satguy 141
Satguy 141 16 days ago
I refuse to participate in the Smart home. All it is, is an excuse for you to spend lots of money every couple of years.
Shadow 400I5
Shadow 400I5 16 days ago
7:30 is it just me or does anyone else think the colour accuracy is shit
John Moedt
John Moedt 16 days ago
I'm looking to get one of these for my mom to use instead of a digital frame for photos, then she can change music and ask google stuff as well. I have a couple of questions though, can I connect a speaker directly to it through Bluetooth? Does it lag when used as a photo frame? Does it have a USB port or MicroSD card slot to install extra space for photos? Will Apple Music play through the music functionality? I think I'll just get the first-gen, if anyone has experience and can answer my questions it'd be appreciated
Red Squirrel
Red Squirrel 16 days ago
5:07 I feel attacked.
Nathaniel Hatley
Nathaniel Hatley 17 days ago
OnHubs had Zigbee radios in them that Google never turned on. I wouldn't buy this for thread support until they actually enable it.
Commander ZiN
Commander ZiN 17 days ago
Nice review, I found it informative with good pros and cons.
Zate 17 days ago
Damn got called out about my need for a haircut....... trust me I know I do!
Praylv 17 days ago
My god, such a useless device
3plus3ist4 17 days ago
What happened to the "no more clickbait"-titles? How about: "Why Does Google Think I Need This? - Second Generation Google Nest Hub 2021". Linus said "I want to make sure that in all cases there's something properly descriptive that's in the title" in the video "Let's Fix Our Click Bait Titles - GoXLR Showcase" at 28:39.
Carla Keirns
Carla Keirns 17 days ago
There is very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very interesting
Chris Anderson
Chris Anderson 17 days ago
Linus and Co. REALLY don’t want me to buy a graphics card from them. Gamer with 1,118 owned games on Steam here, still trying.
Andrea R.
Andrea R. 18 days ago
and what if i am one the few /s that dont sleep alone?
Dampfaeus 18 days ago
I can publish my fan fiction with squarespace? Getting interested now :D
Da Amazing DizZzy
Da Amazing DizZzy 18 days ago
Better then the Jibbo.. this one uses google and not bing
G4MERtheGREY 18 days ago
I would like to know how often I fart on an average night.
Percorso88 18 days ago
Calling my barber on the spot! XD
Michele 18 days ago
the home is smarter without any NEST
Autistic POV
Autistic POV 18 days ago
dismiss alarm with air gesture . rofl . i would wake up 6 hours later without knowing i ever snoozed at all
ImaginaryStranger 19 days ago
Another soon to be buried project of Google.
Leo Schmitt
Leo Schmitt 19 days ago
You lost me at choppy touch screen
Conor Murphy
Conor Murphy 19 days ago
Yea I really want a device in my house that can tell people exactly when I’m gonna be asleep.
Lewis I
Lewis I 19 days ago
The air gestures seem so niche like why not just move your finger 5in closer and tap the screen
james 19 days ago
Yeah...not creepy at all
DARUKA 19 days ago
samsung S4 had gestures and eye tracking almost 8 years ago -.-
Kuldeepsinh Jadeja
Kuldeepsinh Jadeja 19 days ago
Is there Max P classification for RTX 30 series?
SizzleChest McMurphy
My Nest Hub is in the bedroom. So, yeah, the glass set on top of the frame definitely will help out resisting "gunk" on some of the wilder nights.
Jose Robles
Jose Robles 19 days ago
US-first just notified me about this video when it was posted 3 DAYS AGO
Muhammad Danish
Muhammad Danish 19 days ago
i love riley
Romain Bérard
Romain Bérard 19 days ago
I just want to say that I love Riley, and even though I don't care about this product, I watched the video anyway. Give us more Riley on the main channel.
Luke Fennell
Luke Fennell 19 days ago
eh i guess this would be cool if you got it as a gift from like your aunt or something for xmass... not much else though
GrymWorks A.I.
GrymWorks A.I. 19 days ago
I love how people are paying google to spy on them 24/7
Rand Althor
Rand Althor 19 days ago
How does the baby monitor thing work. Can it stream the whole time? Would be cheap
Ashim Kunwor
Ashim Kunwor 19 days ago
This aspect ratio kinda hurts
Tiga Putri Group
Tiga Putri Group 19 days ago
Why Does Google Think I Need This? 👍 👍😊❤️✅😘 Semangat pagi Guys 😍🙏🙏💋💋
pasiutrial 10 days ago
They need this, not you. They're gonna sell your free sleep data to 3rd party so they can design some nice and funky sleep pills commercials or something similar.
Abdelkader Elbachir
What is the purpose of having a smart speaker !?
Anime Addict7
Anime Addict7 19 days ago
I liked the video, but I saw that the dislikes were at 999 so my OCD compelled me to dislike. Im sorry… 😞 I don’t make the rules. But I enjoyed the video
James M
James M 19 days ago
I know how much my dog sleeps and how much he farts now. It's amazing how the Google Assistant gets dumber over the years.
Dodge Rider
Dodge Rider 20 days ago
Hmm. The Anti-American is now infiltrating the LTT channel? I already unsubbed from all of your others to avoid seeing this disgrace of a person with hateful and damaging opinions.
imbatman8472 20 days ago
do some pushups
I_uKe 20 days ago
"Perfect, in my heart." Yuh.
Shea Harris
Shea Harris 20 days ago
Said me. I've wanted sleep tracking but I'm not wearing a watch to bed. The one thing I hate is that it shows reminders which stay on screen blocking everything else for several minutes. It's a deal breaker. It replaced my alarm clock and if I can't see what time it is I don't see much point in having the screen.
Tempest 20 days ago
Just install Sleep as Android and be done with it!!! Edit: Thread sounds like they just reinvented Zigbee.
Giovanni P.
Giovanni P. 20 days ago
It's really great that with all the Google linked appliances in the smart home it makes it even easier to make a virtual you/your partner or kids. Sleep patterns, activities, what you eat, how long and far your commute is, whether you are faithful to your partner or doing/ buying dodgy stuff - all for your convenience...
Kassandra Mckay
Kassandra Mckay 20 days ago
I cracked my iPhone 6 screen, somehow I could type on the phone keyboard without touching the display by making a pressing motion over the letter with my finger only 4-5cm over the display. Anyone know what may cause this? The battery of the phone does drain quickly, the battery dies after 40 minutes of watching multiple videos on US-first @ 360p. If I don’t interact with the display I can get close to an hour and a half at 360p. Phone doesn’t like 1080p videos either, heats up quick. BTW battery dropped from 45% to 10% while typing this.
mp3talon 20 days ago
jakeinthetube 20 days ago
Great vid
dewd471 20 days ago
Said literally no one. FTFY Riley
Zach M
Zach M 20 days ago
Crab Rave FTW
No Seriously, I'm Serious
It’s just an invasion of privacy and further consolidation of your data. You’re selling your eSoul to trillion dollar corporations for shiny toys and the illusion of “convenience”. Congrats.
artraft 20 days ago
I need to say goodbye to my Jetson life after watching this video
sewdyer 20 days ago
I like those views
John Chamard
John Chamard 20 days ago
Desk pad looks pretty cool.
Ding Dong Drift
Ding Dong Drift 20 days ago
this is weird, why is he not yelling?
Michael Benson
Michael Benson 20 days ago
I really like my gen 1 Nest Hub, but I won’t be upgrading. I sit mine next to my bed as an alarm clock/photo frame/smart home control/Spotify player. The sleep tracking sounded okay, but I don’t mind wearing my Garmin to bed and it does a lot more. I’d be interested to know if the sleep tracking can identify more than one person in bed. I assume it would track the closer person, but I’d expect it to be less reliable than a device that’s attached to you.
Hi-Def Media
Hi-Def Media 20 days ago
Man I wish my dad wasn't so skeptical about smart stuff, always engaged a nest hub.
eric peacock
eric peacock 20 days ago
It seems like this guy should grow his moustache wider and put curls on the end of it, wear a top hat, and be a circus announcer.
Nice Keyboard Alan
Nice Keyboard Alan 20 days ago
God that preview pic just reminds me of house of air
Petter Bomban
Petter Bomban 20 days ago
You all gotta check out "Ezra Collective", the band that was featured on a shot in this video. Mad smooth jazz.
Andrew 20 days ago
I didn't expect a minimalist like Riley to use something like that.
OlivGaming 20 days ago
It just seems like a way for Google to find out about my sex life. You already know from my wearables and browsing history.
Some 20 days ago
Who’s the chad that put Ezra collective on at the start
TheRoboLemur 20 days ago
Thank you for doing a video about a Google Smart home device and managing to not activate all of my Google devices
Donald Jennings
Donald Jennings 20 days ago
unless you're really into fitness, google fit premium doesn't seem worth it. You can get sleep tracking on most, if not all, modern smart watches
Pokora55 20 days ago
Sleep tracking sounds like so far the only function that'd interest me in this thing...
Emiliyan Yankov
Emiliyan Yankov 20 days ago
Useless fancy device. Good tablet & stand combo FTW.
Ceil Yurie
Ceil Yurie 20 days ago
SO...more spying capabilities for the spyhardware to go with the spyware? No thanks. ALso these radar chips remind me of the attack radar in the F22. Unless the Nest can fire missiles and deploy bombs at my enemies, I don't need radar. Or anything more from Google, got enough crap from them.
Extinct Turtle
Extinct Turtle 20 days ago
Bro paying a subscription for sleep sensing is kinda stupid like bro what?
Mitchell Johnson
Mitchell Johnson 20 days ago
Instead of crap no one will ever use can we just get IR blaster back into phones?!
TheSliderW 20 days ago
I'll never get used to that haircut + moustache combo
Acerrzzz 20 days ago
If Google was willing to make a subscription with all their features included, and no ads on any of their platforms, I would most definitely purchase it of it cost up to 20 euro/month. However buying a separate subscription for US-first, another one for fitness, and still having ads everywhere is a no no from me...
Kenneth 20 days ago
Pay tech giant arseholes to spy on me even when i sleep. Screw google.
Darthiss 20 days ago
I do need that haircut
Nathan Sandy
Nathan Sandy 20 days ago
Interesting video! :)
FallenWings 20 days ago
Me : *tryna change music* Also me : *slaps the shit out of someone*
Dolphin H
Dolphin H 20 days ago
Why does big tech insist on knowing when I sleep, where I live, where I work, where I park my car, everything I search, everything I say. It’s like they’re a nosy overprotective big brother...
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