We need Action - Right to Repair Explained 

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Right to repair is a frequently misunderstood issue, and we’re here to set the record straight.
Find more info on Louis Rossmann's GoFundMe here: gofundme.com/f/lets-get-right-to-repair-passed
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Apr 21, 2021




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mena seven
mena seven 11 hours ago
I agree the right to repair is human freedom.I don't think cell phones and computers corporations and companies license by them should be the only ones to be able to repair broken cell phones and laptops. I think independent tech repair companies should have access to the original parts and have the right to repair cell phones and laptops.
Jonathan Trevatt
Jonathan Trevatt 16 hours ago
*Algorithm boost comment*
mrkite 17 hours ago
Watching repair channels repairing old C64s and game consoles and it becomes obvious that in 20 years, 50-year-old hardware will be more reliable and usable than today's hardware.
Mike Hunt
Mike Hunt 22 hours ago
I’ve absolutely despised Linus for all of eternity due to his inherent interpersonal problems, but this video, and this video only, I wholeheartedly agree with.
Weeb Squit
Weeb Squit Day ago
Man. I remember how easy it was to replace batteries. Now you need a set up to do that. Replacing expensive PCs is much easier. Honestly though, with Apple they're selling you separate hardware now. The headphone jack for example.
Ronny Svedman
This is why I still drive my '97 Audi A4
Ronny Svedman
Make synthetic / alternative petrol legal NOW. All variants of it!
Martin Finne
Martin Finne Day ago
The more devices that become digital and smart the more of a problem this becomes. As many devices today also have to be connected to "The Cloud" to function at all the next hurdle will be to make companies release the hostage when they stop supporting it instead of killing it just because the next model is out. Right to repair will not help with that but if it succeed it will be a large step in the right direction.
draconas rayne
it's simple: I paid for my phone, I should choose to be able to fix the thing when the battery starts crapping out, I shouldn't have the manufacturer telling me I can't do that.
Joel Stenberg
Here in Brazil we see John Deer at work against right to repair, and it is not looking good for farmers who need their machines to work on time. A John Deer harvester will literally lock down because of a broken light. This is a huge problem when they are trying to harvest the season's crop before the rains set in.
Arvin DC
Arvin DC Day ago
The ripe jacket endoscopically scare because top electrophysiologically label beyond a tall frog. complete, agreeable nigeria
Noel Vermillia
I'm very glad that big channel with lots of subscribers are talking about this.
GGShinobi77 Day ago
Linus, you just became a personal hero of mine. And your team, too, of course. :)
William Ranci
Please do a review on the framework laptop.
Moises Miranda
Moises Miranda 2 days ago
If you dont buy i bet they will change the way they do there business. I think the buyers maintain them afloat if they stop jummm they will change
Phillip Craggs
Phillip Craggs 2 days ago
and then donates anonymously....*shrug*
Todd King
Todd King 2 days ago
9:54 The Apple Repair Program even allows unscheduled inspections up to *_5 years after you quit the program._* Why would anyone sign up for that?
yezzah 2 days ago
McDonalds ice cream machine is also the same. Someone built a device to hack the problem, and got sued.
yezzah 2 days ago
i have a love/hate relationship with apple.
MorbidVizions 2 days ago
"Strengthening the economy" by removing the money (Power) from it's citizens.... Lol humans will step on anyone else just to get where they want to be.
Chaos Machinator
Chaos Machinator 2 days ago
Nailed it.
ArtisChronicles 3 days ago
Don't expect it to come anytime soon.
Uk Gamer
Uk Gamer 4 days ago
You guys are such hypocrites. You discuss this but not intels billions and billions in investment into an apartheid state that ethnically cleansing the natives right now.
wqe asd
wqe asd 4 days ago
Just stop buying stuff from companies openly screwing you, and leave a negative review stating the reason.
Saffic 4 days ago
I wonder why nobody talks about what Hugh Jeffrys mentioned in his video (us-first.info/player/video/fL5sd6t9fXeqdqc.html). Apple goes as far as to block basic functionality when the device detects deviating Serial numbers even though OEM parts were used...
James Cooper
James Cooper 4 days ago
I deleted this share on Facebook. Did you folks share this yourself in testing? I want my kids and less-tech-able Aussie family interstate to start taking notice of your good work lads... tighten up your FB share link content plz ;)
Avinash 4 days ago
Yeah! I've faced problem with apple. I've had and iPhone 8 a few years ago it fell into a bucket of water it wasn't turning on then after an hour I plugged it in to charge it. The battery got shot and obviously phone stopped working. I took it to a repair shop he said that the home button is also not going to work because it's cable got damaged he replaced my battery but it wasn't apple original so the battery sucked I had to plug it every hour. I had to throw it away. I really liked my phone😭 I support right to repair and also want it to become a law especially for the consumers comfort.
Nesta De Landro
Nesta De Landro 5 days ago
Who is this guy and why he sounds like linus?
Julian Hotea
Julian Hotea 5 days ago
Caleb Baker
Caleb Baker 5 days ago
Bow to our will, o algorithm
Lazy Land
Lazy Land 5 days ago
Ethan Parks
Ethan Parks 6 days ago
This is why I don't like apple...
Retro Christmas
Retro Christmas 6 days ago
jordanw2009 6 days ago
Not sure how I missed this. But came over here from Lou’s channel to say thank you for covering this and getting the word of our cause out there.
Hackd Yoursh!It
Hackd Yoursh!It 6 days ago
Or you could pull a Louie Louie and hit goFundme website with a ( Come on man we need to fight back so I need your donations to get me to 1 million dollars to fight back) when he doesn’t need a layer for sitting in front of congress to get pressure on Apple for small businesses.. now he doesn’t have to worry he’s smiling with that 1 million all the suckers forked over so really it’s retirement time now he could give two shitz but to make it look good keep throwing up videos saying come on man we need to fight back man to make it look good that your still interested in the fight and not the 5 min swat of the chip with serial
Hackd Yoursh!It
Hackd Yoursh!It 6 days ago
You just take the chip that holds the serial number off the old device battery or screen and put it on the new 3rd party batt or screen, 5 mins it takes..
InSomnia DrEvil
InSomnia DrEvil 6 days ago
Thank you so much for putting this issue in the spotlight Linus!
SHD 6 days ago
Linus look so much better with beard.
The Canadian version of MKBHD's right to repair video and i like it, keep it up linus
LoudMouth 6 days ago
10:28 I remember seeing one of those Apple focused US-first channels going on about how much Apple cares about the environment because those tag things they brought out have a replaceable button cell battery...
Jan Lukas
Jan Lukas 6 days ago
I can repair my computer. I can even repair my laptop if I need. But I can't repair my smartphone. Why?
Mana Montana
Mana Montana 6 days ago
I agree mostly but not really. the current right to repair is more like saying because a ugly guy is still a virgin at 40 that he doesn't have a right to have sex because no one will give it to him so we should pass a law for him to "have a right to sex". he already has that right just because no one will do it means you don't have the right. the right to repair is more about forcing companies to engineer their products in such a way that they are easily repairable outside of their business operations. I would say the best argument is the E-waste argument that in the interest in vastly reducing E-waste manufacturing should be done in a way to more easily for people to repair.
formdoggie5 7 days ago
We need more L&L crossovers.
Patricio Gomez
Patricio Gomez 7 days ago
Remember Casey neistat’s “iPods dirty secret”? It was released 18 years ago and was about the same problem! Let’s reach out to Casey and ask him to endorse the funding
As a long time sub to both Louis Rossmann and LTT this makes my heart happy!!!
Thomas 7 days ago
Where is Massatusetts?
EXcentriX 7 days ago
The PSVita is discontinued, how am I supposed to fix that if it breaks? Sony can't do much, so I have to either do it myself or pay someone else to do it using either spare original parts or alternate parts.
Jorge Cubides Jiménez
Also seems that everything it starts to be disposable, so there are not options to repair, and you have to buy another, or send to the brand. Example: airpods, apple pencil, ipad smart keyboards. And as you say is totally hypocrite to say that they care for the environment, taking apart a charger, that didnt mean even a lower price for the final customer. Sometimes it seems that are way too greedy.
Darius Sala
Darius Sala 7 days ago
So Linus bought a new house. Do I smell moving vlog?
Ryan Lennox-Bradley
I hate that I loose features (like True Tone) if I self replace the screen.
Ender Elohim
Ender Elohim 7 days ago
Lois should get a few more million of sub already
Rose 7 days ago
Last month, I, a 16 year old, replaced the brake caliper on my parents 1999 dodge ram 2500. If I can flawlessly replace an important safety component on a 2 ton 22 year old vehicle at 16, Apple has no excuse for calling a battery replacement unsafe.
Rose 7 days ago
I tried glasswire once. It was pretty good but an update made it suck so I stopped using it.
Spaceflight Bro
Spaceflight Bro 7 days ago
When you lose all access to your data just because the Screen is not matching the serial number it should. Imagine.
Jason Day
Jason Day 7 days ago
Osram cartel. good read.
Prince L
Prince L 7 days ago
Bro rip if u get an Apple car. If the windshield cracks it’ll be “more worth it” to get the Apple car 2
acemarcola 7 days ago
Brian Bell
Brian Bell 7 days ago
Ratatacks Smith
Ratatacks Smith 8 days ago
Every US-firstr should team up for this like for Team Trees, probably this might even help more the environment, plus the benefits of the repairs
Jesse Gutierrez
Jesse Gutierrez 8 days ago
My father to this day has fixed an original general electric fridge. Still works. It's as old as my sister. Who's 33. He had also a dryer that was about 20 yrs also.
Deep Sarkar
Deep Sarkar 8 days ago
When Apple headquarters have a broken window or a broken pipe, they should not have it replaced, they should demolish the entire building and buy a new one.
Zach 8 days ago
This is just one of the reasons I refuse to buy Apple products. I applaud people pushing R2R, but I'll let my wallet speak for me in the meantime.
Samuel Desire
Samuel Desire 8 days ago
Rossman is the R in Right to repair.
Gaurav Paul
Gaurav Paul 8 days ago
I understand the concept of right to repair. But the fact that some items can only work if done from the actual manufacturer can be helpful. I'm from India and it actually helps in country like ours where theft and scavenging of parts are easy and common. It so happened with me that 2 months back my iPhone 12 Pro Max got stolen. My only saving grace is that the phone parts cannot be stripped or modified in any way so that the thief can use it themselves or maybe sell it since it won't work and will have to be scrapped. I really appreciate Apple for locking down their eco systems. Yes, it is a premium that the users have to pay. But it's a premium worth paying; at least in my opinion. In countries like the US, Canada sure there are genuine people trying to get a genuine repair job. But the products are sold world wide and it doesn't help if a product can be stripped and reused by a thief without consequences. My 2 cents. Not everyone might agree with what I had to say. But this is my bitter experience that made me realise why some manufacturers might choose to do so. PS: Still haven't recovered my phone.
Galego 8 days ago
The thing is that you can use car thats 30 years old, but a phone in 10 years is already obsolete due to software and hardware contraints. Car manufacturersshould be the ones in any case trying to break working stuff down not the tech stuff
DeV Pro
DeV Pro 8 days ago
👏👏👍Go , right to repair 👍🙏
Rusty Gold
Rusty Gold 8 days ago
How about this video . Some of them are just software locked or bricked but perfectly working us-first.info/player/video/e6aJl5B5Z51rfYE.html
Rusty Gold
Rusty Gold 8 days ago
Also enjoy capitalism ( making new products every year ) or enjoy a Hot planet by not reducing co2 gases and keep your old thing working longer
Laksh Srivastava
Laksh Srivastava 8 days ago
Which phone do u use ?
Nikhil Chouhan
Nikhil Chouhan 8 days ago
Forget right to repair,companies like hp,dell, and lenovo are even soldering RAM and not giving any slot to put extra ram or extra slot for SSD when they can do this easily.
Nikhil Chouhan
Nikhil Chouhan 8 days ago
They are literally providing just 8gb ram option here in India though knowing that ram would be a bottleneck for extremely powerful ryzen 7 5000 series chipsets
Tyson Cook
Tyson Cook 8 days ago
If there is one thing I hate is anti-consumer companies. They can get away with making decisions that harm people without worrying about consequences and often don't even acknowledge what they do.
super sipme
super sipme 9 days ago
Hasse Hall
Hasse Hall 9 days ago
One more video highlighting the problem with the repair monopoly: VICE 14.3 M followers, 7.3 M views us-first.info/player/video/e7WOrJaZaIOsoXk.html
Hasse Hall
Hasse Hall 9 days ago
A looong text about my thoughts about the RtR-issue. There’s a lot of problems to fix for maximum effect (did I hear SWAT-analysis?). • Reach / Cash Louis Rossmann needs a lot of help to spread the word. It’s all about ACTIVE and donating followers. Even if he maybe wish, he can’t win this fight alone. He’s begging for money, but the opponent (tech giants) has no limit of cash and a army of lawyers, and maybe some PI to find dirt on Louis. He’s a simple opponent if he’s alone and begging for support via fundraising. If Louis can spend 1 M the opponent can spend 100 M to bribe all the people who finally makes the decisions. It’s just waste of time without proper support. Lois 1.57 M followers doesn’t mean so much everybody thinks. Active and donating followers is the only think that counts and that isn’t even 1%. • List of RtR ambassadors To qualify they should have at least 1 M followers (because of the fake followers everybody can buy). There should also be at least 10 large US-firstrs (preferably in the USA) in every niche. Tech, Farming, Cars and so on. The repair monopoly is a big issue, but a lot of people doesn’t know about it due to a non existing marketing plan, and/or lack of money/interest. • Some videos I noticed yet: Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) 14 M followers, 1.6 M views us-first.info/player/video/iLmXpY-bea-HqGQ.html Geekyranjit 3.2 M followers, 190 k views us-first.info/player/video/oK2HnJ6qdqOqgGg.html Linus Tech Tips 13.4 M followers, 1.8 M views us-first.info/player/video/pNuLlJ1_mWWeamg.html Motherboard 1.51 M followers, 3.2 M views us-first.info/player/video/fJ1_dp9in6yGaKc.html SAMTIME and some other accounts also make good awareness of the repair monopoly, but they maybe to small to make a difference? Compare the US-firstrs above with Lois 1.57 M followers. They have more views than Lois even has followers! Is there a lot of fake views and fake followers in the numbers? It really doesn’t matter since the word gets out. But this is just 4 of minimum 10 in every niche. It’s a very good start though! • Step 1: Spread the word massively, and not only on YT. This is important in many ways. A video can be taken down, reach can be limited by the famous algorithm and a lot of people doesn’t know about Lois. Some even doesn’t like him and aren’t capable to realize that this isn’t about Louis. It’s not about just his company. This is a global issue. • Step 2: If step 1 is made correctly it’s much easier to get Radio and TV stations interested. They must see large US-firstrs or forum threads to realize that this is a massive issue. Today they think who the F is Louis?! Louis doesn’t have the most humble approach in his videos and that is scaring in a TV interview. Forget live! 😀 • Step 3: Collect all marketing campaigns in a shared document. Leave the “send me an email” stage! Google docs at least. Don’t let server limits create problems if millions of people starts to show interests. A lot of companies have large sending lists for newsletters. You have all the US-firstrs, forum threads and other platforms that together maximize the reach and lower the risk of blocking. If there are at least 10 ambassadors the tech giant’s will lose the fight. 10 can easily be scaled up to 20, 50, 100 😀 • Step 4: I’ve noticed a lot of whining comments about how some people think the ambassadors above was to soft in their approach and/or failed since they didn’t highlight the fundraising page and so on. These whining people will probably not add anything of value, just ignore them. Everybody can do something EVEN if you don’t have 1 M followers on your YT channel. It’s free to start a petition for example and there’s a lot of those sites in different countries. Raise awareness is free and simple and of course far more constructive than just whining of someone else that maybe could have done more! I’m convinced that even a soft approach makes more good than harm in terms of awareness. There’s always time for a follow up video 😀 • Step 5: Now it should be a good time to see if all the ambassadors can make a dedicated video that ONLY talks about the fundraising campaign. It’s very important it’s transparent and reach the goal. Is the best solution that Louis get payed 2 years salary to work with this full time or can that even be a problem? Is there a realistic cost for a “lawsuit” and not an overpriced law firm involved? Can some good and reputable law firm actually do this Pro Bono since there’s a lot of goodwill involved? • Step 6: Now tell me. What do you think is the next step? Am I totally lost? What have you done yourself to move it further? Is there better steps to start with? I’m curious about all the positive and constructive ideas. The whiners and haters can just scroll… P.S. This is just my personal opinions as a Swedish marketing manager and chess player 😀 I have no connection to Louis and are not familiar with the correct terms describing “the ultimate goal” in a USA court of law or any other institutions that could handle this global issue. Big cred to all of those who contribute.
utkua 9 days ago
If they force them sell parts, they will just buy out more companies and make SOCs bigger and bigger. Legislation should also but a hard limit on price of any part of the device. Like less than 20% of the unit, but the part they provided must come with its own warranty not to be less than a year.
Reza Putra
Reza Putra 9 days ago
Honest question, what about Samsung? Are they much better than Apple? I am going to switch my phone to latest Samsung phone if the repairs didn't suck like Apple. Thank you!
Alejandro Moran
Alejandro Moran 9 days ago
I still remember when I was young, I fixed an epson scanner with a diode from an electric bulb :D
nur muhammad ebroheam Abdullah
need more people to share and view this video. this is super important for the environment
ArduinoBen 9 days ago
$5/GB - wtf? I pay $2/GB on a pay as you go plan.
Tranquility 9 days ago
First you abolish capitalism
Tranquility 9 days ago
@cookieface80 iphone vuvuzela no food 100 billion dead
cookieface80 9 days ago
Then there are no phones to repair... or food.
alexthedon 9 days ago
Thank you Linus for helping the cause! Much Respect!
wilsonsmith1995 9 days ago
Keep spreading the word on this, very important!
Aneun Oppa
Aneun Oppa 9 days ago
Uncle Ted was right after all.
Ryan McCormick
Ryan McCormick 9 days ago
John Deere is the evil empire, they're going to take Apple and Tesla down with them. Don't mess with farmers or products sold globally to feed people. This is currently very similar to those road racing videos on 1320 US-first channel, where they always say that disclaimer before the racing; "Were going on a road trip to Mexico to race some friends, see you there." BUT the video only short jumps to ~1 hour, same weather, same clothes, no food or hotel stop, same environment, the sun went down a just a little in that jump-cut, but we can still clearly see US Interstate Highway System road signs from their home State along the roadway, exit ramps, and watch them run from law enforcement when their "spotters" notify them. They are clearly on a speed regulated and enforced US highway. With enough time and research we could find those locations with Google maps and street view. But they already said MEXICO verbally in their video, for plausible deniability. All these "Right to Repair" manufacturers will lose EVERY small fight (until legislation is passed), because their customers are global, the farmer can tell the Repair Police; "I took the John Deere to a repair shop in Mexico, I didn't know they had illegal Russian software to make the repair."🤷🏻‍♂️ Or the iPhone customer will tell the Repair Police; "I mailed my phone to Indonesia, I didn't know they had illegal parts from the Apple factory."🤷🏻‍♂️ Or the Tesla customer will tell the Repair Police; "I took my car to Honduras, I didn't know they had salvaged junkyard parts, only the front of that vehicle was crashed, why are rear motor parts bad for my Tesla?"🤷🏻‍♂️ John Deere dealers in 30+ countries. Apple sells in 95+ countries. Tesla dealers in 25+ countries. Customer will always find a person who is available to fix it outside the official repair shop with that many countries they cannot control. They should ask Paolo Escobar how easy it was operating a monopoly in multiple countries!? 🤔🤦🏻‍♂️😂🤣🤷🏻‍♂️👍
MrVvulf 9 days ago
Thanks Linus. My parents finally sold their farm (and retired) a couple years ago. They donated their Ford 9N tractor to another farm down the street. That's a 60 year old tractor still helping farmers stay profitable, and putting food on tables. John Deere would love it if they could get rid of all the old equipment that is easy to repair.
Sagar bisht
Sagar bisht 9 days ago
who's here after MKBHD video
Mary W
Mary W 10 days ago
EVIIILLLLL. Apple's hypocrisy is next level.
Eric Plut
Eric Plut 10 days ago
He needs to get on Joe Rogan
Lawliet 10 days ago
Der wahre
Ruffus Ford MD
Ruffus Ford MD 10 days ago
right to repair really comes home like how in the farming tractor and large trucking business . farmers save tons of money when they can change add or repair parts on their farm equipment.. but industries will not give them the computer codes to do this.. add this to cars and trucks and you see the problems
Simon Ellison
Simon Ellison 10 days ago
Wow I can’t believe that the biggest most respected tech YT is talking about a taboo subject that the Tech companies spend 100’s Millions every year fighting and lobbying against in every country.
Bill J
Bill J 10 days ago
IMO any product that doesn't have right to repair should be required to come with a lifetime warranty. And BTW my older ipad doesn't work anymore due to a software incompatibility. I'm trying to decide if I should buy a different brand to replace it.
jumpship88 10 days ago
Ill donate. Imagine if everyone does, we could actually make a huge impact together!!! Lets kill em
BeanBean 10 days ago
Just came over after watching MKBHD’s vid. Props to MKBHD for putting himself on the line, but this video is way better and more straight to the point. Love it when people just bash companies trying to integrate anti right to repair policies.
pl m
pl m 10 days ago
This is ridiculous. Instead of getting more government regulation on businesses why don't consumers just stop being fucking masochists and giving their money to companies that fuck them. If most people did this those companies will be forced to take care of their consumers or go out of business and better ones will replace them. This is how capitalism works.
pl m
pl m 7 days ago
@Ashley Jazzley Um no the cult following around companies like apple who screw their customers and they keep coming back for more and buy into the marketing wank like its a damn religion is the reason these companies don't fail. You said it yourself even if millions of people stopped buying apple products they still would be fine implying that there are still millions of religious masochists buying their products. That is the problem. Government bailouts, loans, specific tax breaks, and subsidies for companies are in fact anti capitalistic because those companies aren't being allowed to fail and allow newer ones to take their place.
cookieface80 9 days ago
Because people are stupid.
channel4ferrets 10 days ago
Louis Rossmann entered the chat.
David Abraham Garcia Lozada
Awesome video... just donated 40$... thanks for building up awareness
celula 10 days ago
Kinda important!
VsKatshuma 10 days ago
It always hurts me so much when I find out what is going on behind the scenes.
joey86bu1 10 days ago
This is a job for Madison!