You Don't Need a Graphics Card! 

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We're back with a hands-on review of the most widely available cloud gaming services to help get you through the great GPU shortage of 2021
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Apr 19, 2021




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Comments 100   
Bert Visscher
Bert Visscher 5 hours ago
About the start of the video: Do yourself and us a favor and calm down! 2:25 What the heck are you doing? 13:00 Linus!
Soorya S Rajan
Soorya S Rajan 13 hours ago
Made me cringe when he threw the GPU aside
Marco’s Ways
Marco’s Ways 14 hours ago
Why can’t those pricks that mine crypto use this instead of graphics cards then we would all be happy they don’t need video quality for mining just crypto they also don’t need a low latency so I feel like there is no reason why they shouldn’t do this maybe like waiting is not that benafitial but i feel like we can then all do what we want whitout having to ever have this problem again
Bob Greene
Bob Greene 17 hours ago
Far more helpful would have been a comparison of the screen action of an APU and a regular graphics card. For most people, the AMD Ryzen 3400G will meet graphics demands with no complaint, but with such a comparison, we could see at least how far short (if at all) the R53400g fell from expectations.
Reaper Day ago
i think getting a gpu is better than wasting your internet
Eric Tetreault
Its a no brainer I have GeForce Now ( i got lucky I have a founder account so I pay $32cnd$ for 6 month so its $4.33US per month) and its a no brainer, u will always have a system even if you are using a $50 laptop with a good network connection. The downside is, some popular game, like blizzard games cannot be play. Also I played a lot of Rift and my account is not with Steam. So I can't play with my main account on GeForce Now because of that For "performance. I played multiple games needing aiming and I havn't notice any difference in GTA5, WatchDog, Farcry 5, CS, etc.
Instano Day ago
0:12 No GPU were harmed in making of this video lmao😂
David Green
David Green Day ago
That's great when you have access to the Ethernet cable😂. Also I use Nvidia GeForce Now
David Green
David Green Day ago
If live in a place like Hawaii then Do Not Try Stadia (hope I spelt that right)
MegaMech 2 days ago
No gpus were harmed. But the motherboard was!
Itsadrianyay 2 days ago
this videos sponsor was actually kinda cool. you can just... see what apps are slowing you down. nice!
Gamertagpls 2 days ago
I beat Thumper (1st time blind playthrough) on a free trail of Stadia over a year ago. So I can say some games work great with it.
Abdul Waleed
Abdul Waleed 2 days ago
linus throws the graphic card this gives me anxiety
C M 2 days ago
For some games, this isn't an option. I play WoW and their license is against cloud gaming. SO is there another alternative, that won't break the bank and which won't make scalpers rich? Yes there is. Apple. I got a Mac mini M1 on Amazon for 750 new. It runs WoW great at 100Hz (3440x1440 high settings, goes ultra in 1080p), as well as some other titles such as PoE and Eve online (via crossover). For now, this is the best alternative if you play those games, plus you own the computer.
Vermilicious 2 days ago
You might be better off with integrated graphics.
Richard Holiday
Richard Holiday 2 days ago
Who ever came up with Cloud gaming as saas should go to the seventh ring of hell. SO no, I will not be doing cloud ____ unless its off site backups.
JAY 3 days ago
YES everybody listen to linus and stop buying gpus and just use cloud gaming
BZZZZ 3 days ago
But I need graphics card for my computer to display anything.
Micah Bell
Micah Bell 3 days ago
0:09 Top Saddest Anime Moments
D Man
D Man 3 days ago
Cloud gaming? EEEEW! Id rather mobile gaming and that's saying something
Kahy1989 3 days ago
Why do you wear a hat while you are inside? It´s just dumb.
Corbin Jurgens
Corbin Jurgens 3 days ago
The difference in lag of setting my tv from gaming mode (minimal latency) to normal mode is already unplayable, for example mirror's edge. I doubt I could handle cloud gaming.
Xristofer Bker
Xristofer Bker 3 days ago
I would use cloud gaming but internet speed is abysmal where I live.
Bult Vid
Bult Vid 4 days ago
Sarah, is that you?
Allen Young
Allen Young 4 days ago
I was thinking the same thing as the last comment but my question how bad could it be? Lets see some Linus Tech Tips on this..
Atom M
Atom M 4 days ago
I hope my 1070 SC keeps going for 2 more years
Emmanuel Sheng
Emmanuel Sheng 4 days ago
That GPU yeet made my heart skip a beat ngl
ECLIPSE GAMES 4 days ago
Lol he uses all of the gpu and tell about the shortage of gpu 😂😂😂
Siva Sai Gautham Majeti
him :- do you know how possible it is to get this thing?? **proceeds to yeet the gpu**
brian burke
brian burke 4 days ago
0:10 Well, I don't have to poop anymore.
ponas duuu
ponas duuu 5 days ago
people with gpu gets lag on those games linus tech tips without gpu ez bro :dddddddd that have to be meme
Apwz and Kirrifik
Lol why does ur rocket league have 15 mine has solid 240 on max settings and I don’t have very good internet
Azor Blade
Azor Blade 5 days ago
M8 my gta sa lags at max settings (no Mods)
Jade Asereht
Jade Asereht 5 days ago
Cries in Ocenia Server
Pizzaface817 5 days ago
People better not cancel Linus for throwing a gpu
korndogkorn 5 days ago
too long couldn't watch almost 20min for this moron to tell me nothing worth while .... with no context to video i assume " on board is awsome if you live in the now..... GPU is planning for future...."
TMG Studios
TMG Studios 5 days ago
im one of the lucky few people who managed to get an rtx 3060 ti at only $150 above MSRP due to me not setting my bot up correctly which i only used to get a single card it was a fight fire with fire kind of deal with those scalpers. and my best advice is. do not sell your old GPU until you have a new one in hand
Jun Hern
Jun Hern 5 days ago
You can't* have a Graphics card
goodmaki 6 days ago
Is soy all you eat?
G1DDEL 6 days ago
He’s starting to look like kevin kenson (youtuber)
Minotor22 6 days ago
Yeah but for cloud gaming you need a good connection
mufid baloulli
mufid baloulli 6 days ago
I play Hitman games on Stadia, loving it! it's perfect for that type of game, from Romania, my ping is super low to it, fine for me, maybe not for others
ItsD3n1s 6 days ago
You didnt use boosteroid
LinuxDragon57 7 days ago
Linus should've just said, "I'm not even paying for it and I am pissed off."
Joe_Pro21 7 days ago
0:08 my eyes😭
Maurton Cloete
Maurton Cloete 7 days ago
P K 7 days ago
you can't play pirated games though :(
Jacob Breton
Jacob Breton 7 days ago
Earlier this year my middle school class found out about GeForce now so we all brought our gaming mice to school and we played fortnite on the cheap school chrome books all day. The games ran perfect 1080p 60fps! Until our English teacher reported the website to the school board for corrupting our minds and got it banned... lol
P K 7 days ago
she must be a karen...
Vicious Videos
Vicious Videos 7 days ago
I should my old graphics card $$$$
Justin McVicar
Justin McVicar 7 days ago
Hwat in ClickBaitTitleNation?
ً 7 days ago
I knew it's gonna be vdi gaming
Nagisa Rizzo
Nagisa Rizzo 8 days ago
Throws the GPU me *crying in poverty* XD
Wow ! He easily threw that GPU away 😳
Inferno 8 days ago
Who else died inside when he threw that graphics card?
kingchunk77 8 days ago
i tried ps now on my playstation. what killed it for me - you cant use social fetures, i wanted to play a single player game, and join a friends party chat. nope
Mark Müller
Mark Müller 8 days ago
Since my gigabyte 3090 died (paid 1,8k) and i refuse to pay 3k for a new one its actually a good idea trying this stuff.
Lady 2000
Lady 2000 8 days ago
When you are a casual gamer and not that competitive it works pretty well, I use GeForce Now and it works pretty great, it is cool not to download the stuff, when you just want to try a game. Twice someone said to me, oh we could game this, but it takes long to download, so maybe do it tomorrow and I had it already ;) In one month I had one problem with my connection, but also with pretty bad connection it works great, only don't use the best options
GoodVibesMak3r TvPH
hi sir im from philippines can i have a gaming pc set .. i love your videos
Good at fort Cract
Zachary Funderburk
My entire body cringed when I saw the intro.
Pratham Agarwal
Pratham Agarwal 9 days ago
*Me a Verified B r O k E* 👁️👄👁️
The 19th Fighter
The 19th Fighter 9 days ago
I don't know what's up with your PS Now. Here in Germany (although the console's browser claims the IP to be in the US), the PS Now service runs probably about the way you described Geforce Now or Stadia. Delay was there and noticeable, but not a huge deal. Depending on the game it was completely negligible (Spider-Man played perfectly fine).
The 19th Fighter
The 19th Fighter 9 days ago
I had a ton of problems with PS Now, but THIS was not even one of them, lol.
Oscar 9 days ago
Me with an Intel --F CPU :/
Douglas Torres
Douglas Torres 9 days ago
me watching linus doing that with my GTX 960
eduu klee
eduu klee 10 days ago
I feel like they rather block graphicscards, so that we have to subscribe to cloud gaming D;
FLIPxBEAR 10 days ago
Cloud gaming is not worth it! Our internet is not ready and these companies also are not ready to meet gamers expectations. Fuck casual gaming, even as a casual it's not worth it. Cloud gaming should just for now and spend that money making the current systems better
Dom N8tion
Dom N8tion 10 days ago
can anyone tell me what Keyboard/mouse he is using on the couch?
Ahmed Wadidi
Ahmed Wadidi 10 days ago
Me: struggling to get a GPU Linus: YEET
GameStudio 10 days ago
Can you believe that a Galaxy J3 (Android 5.1.1) is able to run Geforce Now but an iPhone 6 (IOS 13) not? What kind of world is this?!
Legate Leonis
Legate Leonis 10 days ago
_Remove the need for your GPU with this one simple trick! Computer scalpers hate him!_
Akmal Bashari
Akmal Bashari 10 days ago
it like online cyber cafe. hahahaha
Batuhan Yılmazer
Batuhan Yılmazer 10 days ago
lol i knew that. I am using without dedicated gpu for years (note 1: i accept gifts my dad cant afford to pc) (note 2: btw i noticed that note 1 looks miserable lol)
Роман Бизяев
Or just play good old games :)
alya Youssef
alya Youssef 10 days ago
All of this need a good and stable wifi or internet connection and this is impossible here in my country🇹🇳
Shodan 11 days ago
Welcome To 2030: I Don't Own A GPU, Have No Privacy And Life Has Never Been Better
Shuto Walsojad
Shuto Walsojad 11 days ago
Linus throwing GPUs around... Meanwhile me is way too poor to get anything better than my R9 270X 😭
a5anlly 11 days ago
Ohh jeeez 0:38 "temporarily" had me there 😂😂 it sounded like some orange dude
Gerben Dunnewind
Gerben Dunnewind 11 days ago
There are also just virtual gaming desktops try something from that
Beastgoesbeserk 11 days ago
I hope Geforce now can come with higher resolution and fps, and ray tracing. Just imagine paying a low price in a month instead of buying an insanely expensive gpu. You can use the money on a good chair, mouse, keyboard and monitor instead!
Federico 12 days ago
you should give a try at boosteroid, in Europe works really well! I can play even warzone and apex with an average of 15-20 ms of latency. bad thing is that is only 60fps but being able to play it this good at 1080p with rtx and all maxed out on an old dual core laptop is priceless, and is only 9 bucks a month or 50 a year. tried it because my pc is broken but i'm seriously thinking about not buying a new expensive pc, hoping that the technology will improve even more. Per gli italiani va particolarmente bene visto che i server sono a Milano
brokensword 12 days ago
end of the day having a physical console or pc give us a best experience for gaming...cloud base gaming's are not perfect right now as you can see Even with a very good internet connection linus have they have some problem with games...but as you know most gamers in the world doesn't have a good internet connection for cloud gaming...the best option right now for gaming is a physical gaming devices...
Yagnesh Patel
Yagnesh Patel 12 days ago
It good for single person game
Etop Owertwon
Etop Owertwon 12 days ago
You Can't Have a Graphics Card FTFY.
Americas Finest
Americas Finest 13 days ago
Most people don’t actually.
OgSoupcan 13 days ago
I'm still gonna break my bank
Tommysaurus Rex
Tommysaurus Rex 13 days ago
Guys don't worry, that gpu was probably already broken from Linus dropping it in a previous video.
D.E. Sarcarean
D.E. Sarcarean 13 days ago
Spoiler alert: you do need a graphics card.
joshua morin
joshua morin 14 days ago
Stop paying for services with Amazon or google. No one else will come up when those 2 have a monopoly on the market
Frosty. 14 days ago
game devs blocking games is such a douche move.. you already paid for it. why does it matter how you play it? -.-
Macgyver Freitas
Macgyver Freitas 14 days ago
I think game streaming will really take off only when 5g becomes the standard.
Júnior de Souza Alves
"on playstation it's better" "on playstation you can download" That's not the point of the video. I think we have a Sony lawyer here. xD
MitchR211 14 days ago
endless rodin
endless rodin 14 days ago
Does every cpu have integraded grafics(sorry dont know alot about pc)
LittleMac 14 days ago
Oculus pc gaming: *hello*
Vlog do Lucas
Vlog do Lucas 14 days ago
What keyboard tray is that ?
Poultry Geist
Poultry Geist 14 days ago
So.... Laggy, it crashes. it's just like running it on my computer. Got it.
The4 SK
The4 SK 14 days ago
Anybody know the game at 13:52?
Korban Review Youtuber
Linus duck angry
SyZyGy 14 days ago
Linus: YOU DON'T NEED A GRAPHICS CARD Me: Using Unreal Engine to make games and 3d modeling in Blender with Ryzen 3 2200g (RADEON VEGA 8 GRAPHICS) THANK YOU MS. LISA SU!
octavio jorge
octavio jorge 11 days ago
😂😂😂Only for gaming, do you ever heard about crowdrender? You can make online renders
Syed Monowarul Islam
why would you throw that !!!